“…Lightning flashes, pains, Sun’s hidden rhythms…” Frida Kahlo

The Sun’s rays spin out from the center of this caftan in sharp shards.  The pattern has a rhythm surrounded by darkness.  It made  made me think of one of Frida’s last  diary entries after her art show in Mexico City. It was 1953 and all her work was  gathered  together and exhibited in grand style.   Frida’s health was failing and she was carried to the her the opening of her art exhibit in her bed.  It was placed at the center of the gallery where so she could participate in this incredible event and greet her friends.   Frida wore her native costume and jewelry, but it was clear by her gaunt, pale face that this would be a farewell to her art and life.

In the center of the radiating sun design of this caftan is a Kachina. It is that of a woman. Above the female Kachina is the male. I like to think of them as Frida and Diego caught in the lightening flashes and the sun’s rays.


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A vintage Navajo turquoise and sterling silver bow guard in on my right wrist and Navajo bracelets on the left. A closer view of the Kachina pendants, too.

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