Viva La Vida

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“Frida Kahlo was not just another woman with an unmistakable style–she was also an avant-gardist in creating her identity and cultivating her uniqueness. She predicted fashion as an opposition of elements beautifully explored, as a form of provocation activated by contrasts: masculinity with femininity; luxury with folklore.”

Susana Martinez Vidal

Fashion as the Art of Being


I have attempted to capture the elements of contrasts that Frida Kahlo so beautifully mastered. While keeping the look modern, so as to avoid a costume imitation, I have chosen pieces that are current and can easily be paired with other pieces in my closet. I have interpreted the contrasts of femininity and masculinity with the brick red wide leg trousers. from Zara. The contrast on luxury and folklore can be found in the red tassel beaded earrings and white lace barely off the shoulder top.


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