“I leave you my portrait so that you will have my presence all the days and nights that I am away from you.” Frida Kahlo



“What is it about this painter, this woman, that has so fixed her in the fashionable imagination, sixty-odd years after her death?  Perhaps, it is her fierce individualism, her insistence on “being herself,” before those words were on everyone’s lips, that makes her an apt symbol for our age.”

Lynn Yaeger

Vogue Contributing Editor/FRIDA KAHLO Fashion as the Art of Being 

Artisan crafted copper bead necklace by Rocki Gorman Santa Fe, N.M @www.rockigorman.com

One could hear Frida Kahlo approach a room before they could see her.  Her bangles would clack around her wrists and her long earrings chime against her necklaces.  She created a symphony of sounds and movement in the way she composed her ensembles.  The way she dressed served as both a statement about her dramatic individuality as much as a device to redirect the eye away from her damaged body.


Vintage artican crafted copper Repousse belt from Mexico circa 1940’s-1950’s.
Frida in my Closet

“In the end, the idea that we can author our own visual destinies, make up our own rules, turn our backs—-literally—on physical limitations, is not doubt the reason that Kahlo’s unflinching gaze continues to stare out from what seems like a million mood boards in a million ateliers.”

Lynne Yaeger   “ibid”

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