“Frida found a true artistic voice despite her suffering and stayed true to herself-and impeccably attired-even when she was in terrible pain.” Jean Paul Gaultier


“With her great artistic flair, she (Frida) modified and designed indigenous outfits and imbued them with her own unique style.  She selected what she deemed the most beautiful ethnic clothing pieces and blended them with imported fabrics—English muslins, French velvet, Brussels lace, Asian satin.  Tradition and fashion, in her hands, continuously interacted.”  

Susana Martinez Vidal/FRIDA KAHLO Fashion as the Art of Being


A combination of modern & traditional 

Here I have followed Frida’s lead and fused a pair of wide leg, hand embroidered culotte pants with a modern leaning tassel top and Modzori reversible sandal.  The earrings are vintage silver and coral from Mexico and the necklace is a modern construction based with a Southwestern U.S. indigenous design.  It is a fusion of modern and tradition.  A celebration of European and Native American/Mexican designs.

A close up view of the details

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