“I don’t paint dreams or nightmares, I paint my own reality.” Frida Kahlo

Missoni Frida Sweater and Red “Thorn” necklace from Barcelona

“Frida was a self-taught, autobiographical painter.  These features made her stand out in the art scene at the time, she became admired by intellectuals such as Breton, Marcel Duchamp, Wassily Kandinsky, and even Pablo Picasso, who, told Rivera (Frida’s husband), that neither of them could ever do anything better than some of the self-portraits that Frida had created”  

Susana Martinez Vidal/FRIDA KAHLO Fashion as the Art of Being

Last year, there was a Frida Kahlo exhibit in New York City that attracted crowds of admirers. During this surge of attention to Frida,  themed “Frida” clothing once again hit the runways.  I am wearing a Missoni sweater I found during this period.  It is a “biographical” piece with all the symbols that are frequently associated with Frida Kahlo woven into its design….the broken spine, the pet monkeys, and the flowers.  I also added the red Barcelona necklace to represent the “thorns” of suffering she used in her self-portrait to represent her pain.  The earrings vintage coral and silver earrings from Mexico.









A closer view of the “Frida” bangle and Barcelona necklace

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