In Frida’s Garden


“Many of Kahlo’s iconic self-portraits include imagery of foliage and flowers from her garden. In addition to her traditional Mexican clothing and jewelry made from shells, stones or bones, as well as her pet birds and monkeys, she frequently incorporated plants like “elephant-ear” leaves from the aroid (Araceae) family and white-haired “old-man cactus” (viejo), or other cacti and an assortment of flowers. By combining her own likeness and these additional details, she stressed the close links between humans, animals, and the natural landscape”


Life in Full Bloom: Frida Kahlo and Her Garden/July 5, 2015



Alice & Olivia Skirt

Today, I am wearing an A line maxi skirt designed by Alice & Olivia.  The embroidered overlay of the skirt displays bright flowers and birds on a black fabric to enhance the vibrancy of the images.  Both the embroidery and choice of images pay tribute to the traditional work of Mexican artisans and Frida Kahlo’s style…. translated in a modern way.


Close up of the detail of the skirt…I love the embroidered birds and flowers



A Multi-season skirt

 This skirt is a multi-seasonal piece and I plan to style it with a variety of different pieces to transition it to    autumn, winter, and spring.

4 thoughts on “In Frida’s Garden

  1. Lisa you are so stylish, and have that timeless iconic vibe that Frida embodied. I love how you translate her Mexican look into a thoroughly contemporary outfit. The off the shoulder white top gives just the right amount of softening to the vibrant and wonderful skirt. Really love this blog!


    1. Thank you, Shell. I love how many artists, writers, and designers use their style as another way to express their creativity. Frida Kahlo is a style story I love to tell. I have others, but Frida was who I discovered first and her story took my breath away. I am delighted you enjoy the posts.


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