Another Stroll Through Frida’s Garden


“Admirers of Frida Kahlo can immediately identify the artist’s signature style: her dark brows, her colorful dresses, and the ribbons and flowers in her hair. Just like the embroidered dresses, which were a nod to Mexico’s past, the flowers had a deeper personal meaning: they were often picked from Kahlo’s own garden”


Life in Full Bloom: Frida Kahlo and Her Garden/July 5, 2015


 Today. my Alice & Olivia skirt is paired with a black top with tassel detail (from Shein).  Earrings recommended by Jamie are designed by Angela Caputi.  They were found at the Vestiaire Collective—an online resale shop in Paris. 






2 thoughts on “Another Stroll Through Frida’s Garden

  1. Wow! Another stunning outfit. This skirt is so versatile. Those fabuluous earrings are wonderful with the turquoise for repeating the colours in the outfit. I love the artwork that heads this blog article. Did you create it?


    1. Thank you! Yes, I have created a few of the headers. Some of the pictures are actual paintings done by Frida Kahlo that were free to use. The 27th and 29th posts were my collages as well.

      The skirt is versatile. I love Alice & Olivia pieces, but sit tight for the sales.


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