The Vibrancy of Frida’s Vision



“Vibrant color was one of the methods Frida employed to combat shyness; the colors of her wardrobe are reflected in her paintings.  She was passionate about bold blends…..” 

 Susana Martinez Vidal  

FRIDA KAHLO/Fashion as the Art of Being



Capturing the vibrant colors of Frida’s vision in strong, clear reds was the challenge for today’s outfit.  The red color of the lace top stands out against the black silk layering tank underneath and the black silk wide leg pants.  Coral accessories are added to punctuate and carry through the red color throughout the outfit.  The vintage silver and coral earrings are from Mexico.  Red lip color and a red rose clip in my hair finish off this look.

A black silk bow belt is added 

5 thoughts on “The Vibrancy of Frida’s Vision

  1. The red and black create a wonderful dramatic look and do bring to mind Mexico and Frida’s use of bright red. Your hair is lovely up, with the flowers. 🌹🌹🌹


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