The Rebozo

The Styling of a Rebozo

“This traditional Mexican scarf was made famous by Kahlo. She wore the long, rectangular scarf wrapped around her body or tied in her hair for the majority of her paintings. Traditionally, the scarf is said to make a woman appear more graceful, which is perhaps why Kahlo adopted the style.”

      Mhairi Graham/The Fashion Codes of Frida Kahlo  June 5, 2014


“Kahlo completed her look with quantities of elaborate jewelry, from lariat necklaces and mismatched earrings to skull pendants and strung shells. She favoured pre-Christopher Columbus handcrafted pieces by native American Indians, the majority of which are now kept at the Frida Kahlo Museum in Coyoacan, Mexico, located inside Frida’s family home, La Casa Azul.”   

     Mhairi Graham/The Fashion Codes of Frida Kahlo  June 5, 2014

Another Way
The Rebozo is a versatile piece


Vintage carnelian earrings from Mexico/Bakelite bangles

4 thoughts on “The Rebozo

  1. Love your demonstration here of different looks that can be achieved with a rebozo. Belted or draped this signature item of Frida’s is spectacularly versatile. ❤️

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