Blame It On My Wild Heart!


“Frida championed attitude as a fashion accessory; she loved being a provocative enfant terrible.”    

Susana Martinez Vidal

FRIDA KAHLO: Fashion as the Art of Being

Attitude in Red

My “attitude in red” outfit is featuring Alice & Olivia dark floral silk pants with a red off-the-shoulder top from Shein.  The red leather cube purse was purchased in a little shop at the Venice airport.  My husband sent me to look for cold medicine and I returned with this little bag that I found on sale at a boutique next to the drug store.



The earrings are from the Bauble Bar and the bangle is a vintage Bakelite found at Ruby Lane an online collective of shops specializing in antique/vintage pieces…many price points…many deals!  The red lip color is from the new collection from Burberry and called “Military.”

My “Frida Kahlo” red rose clip worn at the waist

8 thoughts on “Blame It On My Wild Heart!

  1. Real sassy and personal interpretation of attitude in red- and a red lippie for the icing on the cake! The top is fantastic! And the purse is so funny! Stunning again 🙂


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