The Last Remaining Light


Artists follow the light as it is nature’s gold dust.  It illuminates and enchants us with its ability to add magic to the ordinary.  It can be a fickle friend dancing in and out when you are begging for it to stay in place.  Unexpectedly,  it may gift us with its most beautiful, but ephemeral quality like an apparition…remarkable and unexpected.…a brief light that infuses everything with a soft golden glow.  I was able to capture this light in some of my pictures, today.  It was dancing and playing a game of chase with me.

The light can be a fickle friend
Dancing with the Light



The light plays with us



It comes and goes and invites us to follow


4 thoughts on “The Last Remaining Light

    1. Thank you, Jamie! The third picture is my favorite, too! The light just magically appeared in the most unusual way. I use my iPad to take my pictures…husband is a one “shot” deal…he will take one picture and tell me that’s all. So, this is how I have to do it.

      I really love your backdrops. Your posts are truly magical! I just got lucky with the light in that third picture…and the bottom one as well.


  1. Artists are obsessed with light. It has indeed been your friend for these photos. The third and the last are very special indeed, and all the more so being taken yourself with the iPad. Love this outfit on you, what a gorgeous silhouette.


  2. Thank you, Shell! As an artist you know how important the right light is and what we do to find it. I was lucky here! There was a special light that kept coming and going. My timer has that 10 second delay and it all just came together…the timing of the delayed photo and the appearance of this magical light…and me in the right spot…LOL


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