A Dream to Follow


“You have a dream and think about it, you involve other people in the dream so that it becomes better, and when it’s all done you put it aside and have the courage to dream a new one…..That is one lesson I learned from Señora Frida Kahlo.”   Salma Hayek


Frida Kahlo continues to inspire women and artists.  She was a woman ahead of her time and she has given us a light by which to ignite our own dreams.  Frida was a strong and resilient woman.  Her life’s history can be found in her paintings as well as the many biographies about her.  She had passion and a vision for herself, her work, and her country.  Her resilience and great courage to overcome obstacles did not hide her pain or heartbreak.  Rather, it added fuel to her vision and her resolve to make it a reality. Before she died, Frida Kahlo was surrounded by her life’s work  in her first solo exhibition in Mexico….a dream pursued and realized.   Frida had many lessons for us all.


Today, my dream comes with fringe benefits.  The fringe on the skirt sways and swings as I walk. The red roses, which are seen in many of my posts, are my tribute to Frida…a nod of gratitude to the artist who inspired me to follow her and take up my  creative journey so many years ago.  The red blouse floats like a dream.   


The fringe wrap skirt is from Reformation @thereformation.com in L.A.   The kimono sleeve blouse if from one of my favorite designers, Alice & Olivia.  Reversible sandals are Modzori.


6 thoughts on “A Dream to Follow

  1. Frida looked amazing in that deep red colour and so do you. I love how the sheerness in the sleeves is matched by the sheerness of the fringe on the skirt hem. As always the balance is perfect in your outfits and it takes an artist’s eye to do this every time. 🌹🌹🌹


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