Not too long ago, I was walking by a small boutique in my Chicago neighborhood…Belle Up.  I noticed this green blouse in the window.  Immediately, it reminded me of  Frida Kahlo.  I went in and tried the blouse on, but decided to think about it for awhile before buying it. I came home and looked through  books and photos online to find out why I had connected this blouse to Frida Kahlo.  I searched and searched.   Then, I came upon this Vogue cover.  It was a Special Vogue Edition supplement for Mexico a few years back.  That’s when I made the connection.  The blouse reminded me of the WALLPAPER behind Frida Kahlo!


 I have avoided floral clothing for decades as I was always afraid I would look like I was wearing my grandmother’s wallpaper.  Now, I was attracted to a blouse because it reminded me of the wallpaper in a Frida Kahlo photo from Vogue.  I went back and purchased the blouse.  The style gods play with us!


I found the sunglasses from Zara earlier in the summer.  Earrings and rings are Navajo turquoise pieces from Santa Fe, New Mexico. The bangles are an Isabel Marant “Birdie” bangle from the online consignment shop The Real Real and a vintage green Bakelite bangle found at  Ruby Lane @rublylane.com a collective of online antique/vintage/resale shops.


Close up (yikes!)  I wanted to show how I tied the extra, extra long tassel ties at the neckline of this blouse..that refused to stay tied.  I wrapped them around my neck crisscrossing the ties by first wrapping them around the opposite side of my neck and then securely tying them in a double knot….maybe a triple knot.   This allowed the extremely long ties to work as a necklace as well. I then added a turquoise brooch. 


6 thoughts on “Vogue

    1. Thank you, Jamie. I found the turquoise earrings on a old hotel on Route 66 as we passed through Gallop, New Mexico. The turquoise green…I believe from the Kingston Mine. They are a Navajo design. The ring is from Santa Fe. Lucky you, to live in New Mexico!!!!! Your turquoise pieces are exquisite…I love when you post them on your site. I get major turquoise envy!


  1. I love that iconic photo of Frida with the wallpaper. I didn’t know it was a Vogue cover photo. How subtle and yet long lasting is the impression made by something like the choice of background. This blouse is very beautiful on you. Your accessories are wonderful. I’m glad you took a chance to discover how fabulous Frida florals look on you. An inspiration to us all to try new looks.


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