Mariposa Split Panel Skirt

The butterfly is often used as a symbol to represent different meanings.  Different cultures attach their own meanings to this beautiful creature.  The butterfly, like many insects, go through a metamorphosis; a dramatic change.  The butterfly emerges from this life transition with beautiful wings that allow it to float and soar to new destinations.  In Mexico, the Monarch butterfly launches a great migration to Canada and back. It takes several generations to complete, but it is one of nature’s phenomenons.  The Mexican culture sees the Monarch as a symbol of the spirits of their loved ones.  After the orange and black butterflies make their final return to the Mexican mountain forest they secure the next generation of butterflies.  Then, they die.  Millions of dead butterflies lay on the floor of the Mexican forest.  According to Mexican tradition, if you touch or disrupt a dead Monarch butterfly it is believed that you are disturbing the souls of the dead.  Frida Kahlo painted butterflies in her hair in one of her most popular and iconic paintings, Self Portrait with Necklace of Thorns, 1940. You can click on this link to learn more about this work here Self Portrait with Necklace of Thorns


Today, I am wearing a split panel sheer maxi skirt over my Eileen Fisher harem pant.  The maxi skirt has a red butterfly design on it.  I found it at a flash sale on an online site,  Stylewe .   I love the airy movement of this skirt.  It reminds me of how the delicate wings of a butterfly float and flutter when they take to the skies.


This outfit’s  accessories include  my on-going collection of vintage Bakelite bangles and hand-painted bangles,  the perforated black leather belt is from Marni …  found at a deep discount at the online consignment shop…The RealReal and the earrings are from Olivia Palermo’s, Bauble Bar.


“The most powerful art is to make pain a healing talisman. A butterfly is reborn in a festival of colors.”  Frida Kahlo

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