Fruta de la vida


Fruta de la vida    painted by Frida Kahlo in 1953


Orange Spice

Inspired by the Frida Kahlo painting above and her use of particular colors to attach personal meaning and emotion to her work, I have embarked on creating my own lexicon of style words using color in a similar way.  The above painting, Fruta da la vida, uses orange, yellows and greens ( I found a very interesting article on Frida’s use of colors…here).  A white dove is perched peacefully at the forefront of the painting and serves as  peaceful place to rest the eye. 


After reading the Diary of Frida Kahlo: an intimate self-portrait, I was captivated by the way she attached colors to objects and feelings and then integrated these imaginings into her art work.  Her colors, as well as subject matter,  were used to express emotions and thought.  These colors and symbols could be used as a key to unlock some of the hidden meaning of her work.  They revealed her depth and emotional/ intellectual energy.  Frida thought and felt in a stream of colors.



Today, I embark on creating my own style lexicon of color by beginning with orange….  warm, rays of sun, an artist’s brushstroke, adventure, energy and joy, the ripe fullness of nature, paprika, saffron, turmeric

I am wearing a new burnt orange tassel sleeve top here and an pair of sarong trousers I found at Zara a few years ago.  The earrings are from Monies; a Denmark brand of modern and beautifully designed pieces.  These pieces can be found at many boutiques and online sites. I have found them in the boutiques of cities worldwide, online, on eBay, and Ruby Lane.  There are a variety of price points.  I think unique accessories really imprint one’s personal style on an outfit and they have the advantage of providing years of use.   The copper belt is a vintage artisan crafted piece from Mexico circa 1940’s/1950’s.



4 thoughts on “Fruta de la vida

  1. It is nice to see how easily you can transition into fall colors. Love the spice orange you are wearing. The sleeves are very popular now. You look stunning!


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