¡Hola! Transitions Into Autumn with Frida’s Colors


Today, I continue with the orange theme. I have  expanded  the color capsule by adding my Spanish skirt to it.  Using the same orange tassel top that was featured in my previous post, I paired it with my Spanish skirt rather than the sarong pants. This creates a new direction and offers me another choice for this autumn transition capsule.


As I begin the transition into Fall, I look for pieces in my wardrobe that are still light and cool, but lean their colors toward the changing leaves and colors I see on my walks. I was very inspired by Frida Kahlo’s painting, Fruta da la vida (see previous blog post).  I watch the pumpkins ripen in our garden and stop and look at how the leaves on trees tremble in shades of yellow, orange and red when a soft breeze plays with them.  The orange colors in the top paired with the reds, browns,and blues  found in the Spanish skirt, bring this autumn palette into my outfit, today. These pieces are still light enough to wear when the mid- afternoon temperatures rise… which makes them perfect for a transitional capsule.  The top has tassels on the sleeve.  I can’t seem to be able to resist a tassel!  


The carnelian and silver earrings are vintage and artisan-crafted from Mexico.  Another vintage find is the large vintage carnelian and silver pendant has a scorpion inscribed in it.  It is from Asia.  An artisan from New Orleans, up-cycled the pendant into a modern necklace.  She added carnelian beads with silver details surrounding them.


The belt is Marni and was found at The RealReal.

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