Cranes & Tigers


Cranes in flight, tigers on the prowl, and colorful flowers are found winding through the dark night of this kimono dress from Zara.  I saw this a few months back and was drawn to the silhouette and the way the obi-like sash was tied low in the front.  The silhouette has a 1920’s style about it, but the dark exotic print is very “now”.   


The kimono dress has a sharp “V” neck and I was able to find a black bead and lace necklace that tucked nicely into it.  I styled a black scarf with a colorful butterfly print as a turban/headband. Jet earrings set in a lace-like pattern and black Bakelite bangles accent the dark vintage tone of the dress.

img_4805A closer view of the kimono dress

4 thoughts on “Cranes & Tigers

  1. Wow, another beautiful Post with lovely pictures of your style. I love the first picture you posted. I am amazed that you always know how to put to entire page together. Congrats!


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