Copper, Brown & Burgundy


The coppers, browns, golds, reds, and deep violets of autumn’s changing landscape remind me of my visits to the Southwest.  Walking through the rust-reds and oranges of the autumn landscape here in the Midwest returned my thoughts to the Sedona, Arizona area and the hike I took through the forest to see the rock drawings.  At the foot of the rust-red Sedona cliffs,  the dark outlines of ancient rock drawings could be viewed. These drawings, created over 2000 years ago, stand against time and combine the best of nature and the creative ingenuity of humankind.

The magical Sedona landscape and the colors of autumn’s changing leaves inspired this outfit. I like to respond to nature’s beauty with watercolor paintings, drawings and collages. In addition to this, I try to use my wardrobe pieces in an artful way by creating an outfit that somehow captures the beauty and spirit of a place I have found myself in… perhaps it is my weak attempt to stop time and live in it fully.   There are times when words fail me and I respond best through other media to capture the spirit of a place or moment in time. 




The copper beads of this necklace were created by New Mexico artisan, Rocki Gorman.  I feature it in many of my posts as I love the quality of the beads…a copper imbued with a blue light.  These are luminous orbs and really capture the colors and look of the American Southwest.  It also reminds me of our autumn colors here in the Midwest.  As the leaves of trees absorb the sun’s rays and churn them into vibrant colors, the autumn sky becomes full of  copper, brown, red, gold, orange, violet and yellow.

Bakelite bangles along with my Frida Kahlo bangle on each of my wrists.

I  love these wide leg pants as they remind me of the colors I have seen in the Southwest region of the United States. They also remind me of the wide skirts I noticed some of the Navajo women wearing.  A black tassel top is added as the temperatures are still warm here during the day.  Modzori reversible sandals and an Elizabeth Suzann leather knot belt finish the column of this outfit.

5 thoughts on “Copper, Brown & Burgundy

  1. Reading these vivid wirds, I felt transported to that hike, seeing those beautiful Navaho women and feeling the enveloping magic of that place. Your outfit absolutely captures it, complete with Arizona’s quintessential, clear blue sky. Love it and love your bold accessories.

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