The Watchman Series


Sirius rises late in the dark, liquid sky

    On summer nights, star of stars,

    Orion’s Dog they call it……


Sirius is also known colloquially as the “Dog Star”, reflecting its prominence in its constellation, Canis Major (Greater Dog).


Today, I introduce a new star in my wardrobe, the Watchman Skirt from Dogstar Clothing.  Dogstar (and I am being Sirius/serious here) is a brand to watch…a prominent star rising in a constellation of up-and-coming designers from Australia!  It is a design line with a Japanese aesthetic based in Brisbane, Australia.  It has original and cutting edge designs at a mid-range price point. Since Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are opposite of those in the Northern Hemisphere where I live.  When the Fall/Winter fashion lines are being unveiled in Australia, we in the Northern Hemisphere are experiencing Spring and are very eager to forget winter.  The good news is that when we are moving into Fall, the new Dogstar Spring line is being introduced and the Fall/WInter line is on sale.  Combined with the favorable USD rate, this amounts to a significant savings.  The cost of shipping is added, but we do not pay taxes and that adjusts that cost fairly well.  If you do  wander over to the Dogstar website, note that the prices are in the Australian dollar and not the U.S. dollar. 

When the Fall/Winter line was being introduced by Dogstar (last Spring/Summer in the U.S.) the Watchman Skirt caught my eye.   I spent several months circling back to it, slipping it into my shopping cart, and figuring out the exchange rate.  This past  August, I returned to see if the Watchman Skirt was still available.  It was still available and on sale….really on sale.  So, here it is!


I do not know exactly what immediately drew me to this skirt.  The design was like nothing I had seen before.  It was original.  The picture on the Dogstar website showed the beautiful drape and folds of the skirt.  Perhaps, it was the asymmetry of it, or it reminded me of the magical time travel series, Outlander, of which I am quite a fan.  I did seem to see myself in candlelit castles in the Highlands of Scotland…bagpipes, heavy-coated ponies, and the Highland Moors filled with heather.   That was probably it! 

As a result, I styled this skirt several ways and started my own series…The Watchman Series.  I hope you find the skirt as intriguing as I have…it will be featured in the next few posts. 


The Steve Madden black velvet lace up boots are new as well. I thought they captured the mood of this look and paired well with the Watchman Skirt.  I added a bit of “swashbuckle” swagger to the feminine leaning outfit with the Marni belt. 


Black jet crystal earrings, a black bead brooch, and black and silver bangles finish off the column of the outfit.


Close up view of the hair wrap.  A grey pattern scarf is underneath and then a black headband was put over it.  I attached a black cloth flower brooch and a necklace with a black lace tie to finish it off.  A better view of the brooch can be seen in this picture as well.


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