The Magic of Red


Red is a favorite color of mine.  It a dramatic, beautiful, and powerful color. It is a color that has woven its way through some of my most precious memories. My favorite artist and style icon, Frida Kahlo, frequently punctuated her paintings and her outfits with red.  A dash of red goes a long way and it is magically attached to some of my favorite memories.  Red was present in the flower heads of a fall market in Aix-en-Provence when I toured its streets last autumn.  It wrapped the wind in bright red cloth as my dearest friend and I sailed into a Door County sunset.  It filled the silver bowl of a Christmas punch, strutted around in the streets of Key West on the head of a rooster, lit up a Mardi Gras float, sat on the skin of radishes patiently waiting to be painted, and accented Frank Lloyd Wright’s brilliantly designed home in Phoenix, Arizona.  Red sits well in my memory and when I call it forward brings with it a special blend of all the places, people, and celebrations of my life.




In today’s celebration of red, I am wearing a red, raglan sleeve linen top from Laura Tanzer’s  Les Rayures des Fleurs Collection.  It is a gorgeous top with sleeves that follow perfect little arks along my arms.  It is the most delicious red and made from Italian linen.  I have paired this top with my high-waisted, black silk trousers from Elizabeth & James.


Accenting the red top is an artisan-crafted, coral bead necklace and silver cross pendant designed in the Santa Fe style by Rocki Gorman.  The pendant has coral stones set into it.  Rocki Gorman creates the most amazing pieces that capture the spirit and unique style of our beautiful southwest region here in the United States. 

The vintage earrings are from Mexico.  They are sterling silver with coral stones set in the center of them.  The stack of bangles are vintage Bakelite with my hand-painted Frida Kahlo bangle thrown into the mix. 


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