Japanese Dreaming




Today’s style story is inspired by the strong lines and shapes of Japanese design.  The dress is from Tibi and is cut in a simple, lean rectangular shape.  On the white silk fabric of the dress are bold abstract brushstoke-like shapes in brown and black.  One moment, they appear to be birds perched on stalks of bamboo.  Another moment, they are wings in flight.  The shifting moments of time seem to be caught unaware….it is an abstract illusion of time passing by.  For me, these qualities embrace the Japanese aesthetic and their artful ability to stretch a moment of time, live in it fully, and then let it go. The gift left to us is a cumulative gathering of beauty that builds inside our souls.


I have paired the Tibi dress with my Eileen Fisher black harem pants.  I have used two obi belts at the waist layering one on top of the other.  The Elk designed black ginkgo bead necklace was found at the Art Institute of Chicago gift store (modern wing) as was the artisan made wood and leather handbag.  A stack of vintage Bakelite bangles in brown and black colors are worn on one wrist and vintage bone bangles on the other. They are used to accentuate the colors of the dress.

A little poem of a purse

The handbag was a gift from my mother.  She found it at the Art Institute of Chicago gift shop last summer.  It was made from wood and the swirling organic shapes were created by time and nature. It is an artisan made handbag and leans toward the Japanese aesthetic using simple forms and designs inspired by nature….in the case of this handbag….actually created by nature.

6 thoughts on “Japanese Dreaming

    1. My mother had so much fun keeping this a secret. I was with her and had admired the handbag in the AIC Modern Gift Shop. She sent me on a Fool’s Errand and in my absence purchased the purse. She also bought me a book, so when I inquired about the bag she was toting about, she pulled out the book and said she picked it up for me and will gift it to me later. I never suspected the handbag was in the bag as well… a lot of tissue paper in the bag. I just figured it was an overly enthusiastic sales person that stuffed loads of tissue paper in with the book.


  1. Your mother sounds like an astute shopper and she reminds me of my grandmother who layered surprises while shopping to fool my inquisitive eyes. Your blog is a feast for the eyes.


  2. Thank you! My mother was always glamorous and chic. She was a TWA airline stewardess when propeller planes like the “The Connie” were flown. She was followed around NYC as she shopped on 5th Avenue and her picture was in tabloids as she was often confused with the movie starts of that time. My mother has given me some of her “treasures” from her days of browsing many of the high end stores in NYC, San Francisco, and Dallas. Yes, she had an eye!


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