Metallic Fog


Today, I present an outfit in an array of fog shaded greys and muted blacks.  In an effort to create depth and the illusion of blurred edges, I added a layer of grey silk over a column of soft blacks.  A black pair of slim cut knit pants and a light black long-sleeve layering tee provided the foundation of the outfit.  Then,  I layered a black silk asymmetrical dress from Eileen Fisher over it.  The dress came with an opaque black knit slip, but I separated the slip from the dress in order to maintain an air quality in the layers. The delicate,  grey silk digital-print top is a piece from Dogstar Clothing:The Fog Top(the Fog Tunic is still available).  It was layered over the Eileen Fisher black silk dress.  Silver and black Metallic accessories were used to complement the grey and black color theme of this silhouette to serve as sharp focal points against the layers of soft edges.   My goal was to create an outfit with depth through the use of light layers of varying lengths and shapes.  I wanted to explore the use of very light fabrics to see if I could create an illusion of blurred edges in an outfit.  It would be a silhouette that would appear to be walking  through a dream-like landscape with few defined edges. 


The metallic pieces I used to add points of focus included a light chain-mail choker necklace embellished with crystal beads.  In addition, I  used a pair of silver earrings  in modern, free-form shapes and a silver ring set with clear crystals.  These pieces were designed by Ippolita.  I am also wearing an artisan craftted silver ring in the shape of a wind-filled sail that I found in a boutique during my visit to Barcelona, Spain last October.   The silver pieces around my wrist include a finely made silver snake bracelet my mother found for me during her travels through Italy a few years agao and a rather heavy, solid silver bangle that was given to me decades ago.


In the picture above and the picture below, I have added a grey kimono jacket from Anthropologie, found last year on sale, to the outfit.  It adds another layer of grey and texture and warmth for this cool autumn day.


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