Asymmetrical Tilt


The asymmetrical lines of this Helmut Lang tunic are the centerpiece of my outfit.  It is an open weave tunic that has an asymmetrical line at the neck and at the front hem.  If you imagined these two asymmetrical lines extending beyond the confines of this outfit, they would meet at a distant point at the horizon and would form an acute angle.  The back of the tunic drops low and balances the asymmetry of the front section.  It is an open weave knit.  I layered a black top and a black Eileen Fisher straight line skirt underneath to emphasize the lines of the tunic.  The black top balances the tunic at the neckline.


The other details of this outfit include a black leather origami clutch from Turtle Ridge Gallery in Door County, Wisconsin.  The chain-mail necklace was hand-made by  a French-Canadian designer, Mireille DeBray at  BijouxMirareJewelry on Etsy. The black leather knot belt is from Elizabeth Suzann.


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