Plum Luscious




Many errands to run and appointments to keep, so I chose a few of my most comfortable pieces to wear for the day ahead.  The lighter-than-air, plum alpaca sweater is from the Fall 2013 Eileen Fisher Collection as is the scarf.  I paired my black Eileen Fisher jersey harem pants with the sweater.  This is a favorite traveling outfit for me as the pieces resist wrinkling and creases.  They are loose and comfortable to wear. I have been a great fan of Eileen Fisher and have many of her pieces in my wardrobe.


The shoes are plum suede wedges with red and apple green details from Miu Miu.  I found them at the RealReal online consignment site.  In fact, I have found several incredible pieces there.  I added a jewel brooch to the waist of the harem pants and highlighted it by tucking the sweater in at that point.  This also added a bit of asymmetry to the look…which I love.  Vintage Bakelite bangles in black and one in an apple green are stacked on my wrist.  It is difficult to make out, but I am wearing a pair of plum earrings I found in Paris during a trip there in the autumn of 2013.  There was a little shop in the Place de Vosges  with lovely jewelry pieces displayed in the window.  I was wearing this outfit and noticed these earrings in the display.  Every time I wear this outfit with my “Paris” earrings, I think of that lovely day spent in the Marais.


The final piece that I added to this outfit is my Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag in the plummy Cassis color.  I locked eyes on it at Neiman Marcus as I was about to exit the store about six years ago. It was magnetic!  This bag had been on my wish list since I saw a picture of Kate Moss with one awhile back.  I had no idea that it was a Balenciaga bag and went into sticker shock when I first inquired about it.  I waited…wished…and waited, but could never bring myself to spend that much on a handbag.  It was my last year of teaching and my income would be drastically reduced  after I quit working, so when I caught sight of this bag I went into a  “Now or Never” mindset.   After, looking at it, the sales assistant told me that there was a special six month payment plan with no interest.  It sealed the deal.   It went home with me that day and I have never regretted it, either.  It is gorgeous!


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