The Mad Hatter


Perched on top of my head, at an angle, is a little Victorian riding hat re-created by, Aka Tombo Millinery located in Tokyo, Japan.  She makes modern hats with a vintage twist! I found her store on ETSY.   It is the cutest darn thing!  It is a felted wool hat with a little black net that barely reaches over my forehead. The hat is secured to my head by two small combs attached to the inside of the hat.


I am wearing a black column composed of a lighweight, long sleeve black top and black jersey maxi skirt.  I have layered  a citrine color cropped tunic over it.  The cropped tunic and black jersey maxi skirt are from Eileen Fisher….as is the silk scarf. All the Eileen Fisher pieces were from her Fall 2013 Collection.  The origami black leather clutch is from Turtle Ridge Gallery in Door County, Wisconsin.  It is a favorite of mine!


I have so many outfits planned in my head for this little hat.  This is the first of many.



The vintage Emmons gold tassel necklace was found on Ruby Lane as were the apple-green Bakelite bangle and the gold-tone metal wrap snake bracelet.  A gold tassel bracelet from Rachel Zoe’s Fall 2016 Box of Style is mixed in this stack of vintage bracelets.  The earrings are gold plated discs with small jewels set in them.



4 thoughts on “The Mad Hatter

  1. Precious and adorable hat. I will have to locate some. Your photos are stunning as are the pieces you chose to wear with the hat! The last picture in the series is so beautiful of your face and gorgeous eyes! Do you photograph yourself? If so, you finish with a professional look.


    1. Thank you for your kind comments. The hat is adorable. This milliner does custom designs. I had it in my ETSY shopping cart and it was gone within a few hours. I asked if another could be made and the milliner agreed to do it.

      I do take my own pictures with my iPad. I just bought a new Apple laptop with all sorts of fun features for backgrounds. I am having fun with that part…I do have an art and advanced mathematics degree…both come in handy!


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