Mondrian Inspired






“I wish to approach truth as closely as is possible, and therefore I abstract everything until I arrive at the fundamental quality of objects.”



With Cape

The black and white color block pattern of today’s outfit was inspired by the artwork of Piet Mondrian.  Piet Mondrian was a Dutch artist and founder of the De Stijl movement. The clean lines and placement of color reflects his desire to simplify and reveal the essence of an object.   He used horizontal and vertical designs to highlight the “opposing forces : the positive and the negative, the dynamic and the static, the masculine and the feminine.”

I have on a black and white color block tunic/dress with vertical and horizontal design elements.  In alternating pictures, four in all, I show a black and white cape in the first and third picture and in the second and fourth pictures I show the outfit without the cape.

 In those pictures with the cape, I styled the cape in a long infinity loop.  I secured the gathered knot with two elastic hair bands.  I adjusted the hair bands and styled the gathered material into a rose-like feature. This cape was the “Hero” piece in Rachel Zoe’s Fall 2016 Box of Style

Without Cape

I have on black leather tall boots from Boden. I found these on sale a couple of years back.  They are wide leg boots which is the best choice for me as I have muscular calves and ankles from years of biking, skating, rollerblading, running, weight training and disco dancing!  In fact, I ordered a pair in burgundy as well.  These are the most comfortable boots I own.  Also featured in this outfit, are a black leather origami clutch from Turtle Ridge Gallery in Door County, Wisconsin and a long rectangular black bead resin necklace from Japan.



With Cape

In all of these pictures, I am wearing my new Victorian inspired  riding hat from Aka Tombo Millinery The hat is used to balance the contrast levels of the silhouette with a little panache. I also have on a collection of black and white bangles on my wrists to extend the color block theme.

Without Cape

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