Frida Style in Autumn

Frida Kahlo’s  painting, The Wounded Dear, completed in   1946 




The Wounded Deer painting by Frida Kahlo is full of symbol and meaning.  However, when I give it a momentary glance, it reminds me of autumn.  The leaves die and fall to the ground as the season shifts and time moves forward leaving nature to its fate.  The Wounded Deer painting, like most of Frida’s self-portraits tell the story of her life. The story behind this painting has a deeper meaning and represents Frida’s sense of hopelessness about her ability to alter her own destiny.  She had endured another failed operation on her back and the bright future represented by the distant sky is one she will never reach.


Resigning myself to the annual march through the autumn season towards winter, I have styled my “Frida” skirt to capture nature’s transition.  My outfit features my Alice & Olivia dark floral skirt that is thick with embroidered flowers and ends at the hem in soft threads of long-stemmed fringe.  It reminds me so much of Frida Kahlo’s style.  Perhaps, it is the design, colors, embroidery, and movement of this piece that captures the spirit of Frida.   I paired it with a gold sweater made of mohair, alpaca, and lambswool yarn to lean it toward the cooler weather of autumn and the gold leafed skyline.


The large, round copper beads of the necklace add another of autumn’s colors to this outfit.  These were hand-crafted in the Santa Fe Style by New Mexico artist Rocki Gorman. The earrings are also copper and chime against the copper beads of the necklace when I twirl.  The black leather knot belt is from Elizabeth Suzann. A hand painted bangle with the images of Frida’s eyes and her eyebrow in the shape of a bird’s open wings is worn on my wrist.



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