Icon Inspired


Ever since the Accidental Icon appeared on the social media scene, I have been  inspired by  her incredibly smart blog.  It is not like any other. I have also been inspired by her edgy style set against the street-scape of New York City.

Recently, a post appeared featuring a gorgeous lilac blouse crafted with high quality and perfectly executed dressmaker details. The design is exquisite with soft ruffles cascading down the front in a way that cut all the overtly sugared-sweetness out and left only a shadow of a frilled presence.  I loved it.   I also knew it was out of my price range.   I filed the image of this blouse to the back of my mind and hoped to come across something like it in the not-too-distant future….and then…something appeared.  I was browsing Zara and I found a blouse that had a soft ruffle….not as beautifully crafted as the blouse I had admired on the Accidental Icon, but there were elements of it that were similar and that I found attractive. It was not over-the-top frilly.  Rather, the ruffle cut softly and unobtrusively across the front at an angle.  The material was light and fluid in a light nude pink color covered with a sprinkling of small black spots.  It was the closest I could get to the blouse I so greatly admired. 


Today, I have styled my “inspiration” blouse from Zara with my Eileen Fisher harem pants.  I doubled up on the belts.  I paired an obi belt along with my black tassel leather wrap belt from B-low the Belt  and secured them both in a knot at my waist.   A pink and black long rectangular scarf was styled at the neckline and my favorite new hat…the black Victorian Riding hat…from Aka Tombo Millinery  was perched at an angle on  on my head.  The black clutch is one I feature frequently.  It is the black origami clutch from Turtle Ridge Gallery in Door County.   Vintage black Bakelite bangles finish off this look along with a pair of jet Victorian-style earrings.


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