Erte Reinterpreted

Erte Fashion Drawing


Once again, the vision of the very talented Erte has served as my inspiration to recreate today’s outfit.  This outfit is based on one of his fashion drawings.   I came across this pen and ink drawing on the internet when I was researching his life’s journey into art and design.  The picture only shows the upper portion of a woman dressed in her Art Deco finery.   I was drawn to the the collar, the way the four narrow bow belts were featured: the highest belt being cinched high under the chest and the bottom belt ending at the waist.   I loved how the skirt blossomed out under the waist into a full bell shape and how the hat sits like a flower on the head.   I also admired the way the sleeves open up into a lily near the wrist.  I cannot see the full silhouette of the outfit as it has been omitted from view,  but I examined many other of Erte’s fashion designs and noticed many have a narrow column skirt and some have a more harem style. I used these observations to construct my outfit.



My style reinterpretation attempts to include many of the elements Erte has so artfully created in his drawing.  Sadly, I do not have these beautiful flower inspired pieces in my wardrobe and had to rely on what I had available to bring a touch of Erte in today’s styling.


The foundation of today’s outfit is a column comprised of my Eileen Fisher green-gold knit tunic and Eileen Fisher black harem pants. Over this foundation, I used a long gold and black vest from Kaliyana Designs (Canada).  Rather than four narrow belts, I styled my wide perforated black leather Marni belt in a similar manner to that shown in the drawing.


To finish the look, I added my small black Victorian Riding Hat from Aka Tombo Millinery. In addition, I have added black jet drop earrings, vintage Art Deco Bakelite bangles mixed with a vintage gold snake wrap bracelet and Rachel Zoe’s gold tassel bracelet.

I enjoyed this styling and have thought of other ways to recreate it, but that will be another style story for future posts.

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