Wishful Thinking & Closet Finds


I have always been inspired by women showing off their style on social media. I have a collection of blogs and instagram sites I regularly stroll though. I see amazing women with great style and spirit of every age. It has emboldened me to follow my own muses and explore my own pathways.  This has not always been the case.  For too long, these style journeys had been relegated to an isolated space titled, Wishful Thinking.


During the past decade, women of all ages have been  exploring and enjoying their style journeys.  They meet on social media from places all over the globe.  This has been a validating and rewarding experience for women-of-a-certain-age.  Before this time, these women seemed more isolated and more prone to believe the style “rules” for “older” women which were frequently dictated to them by a youth oriented fashion industry and/or handed down to them from previous generations.  Social media tore down those walls that separated different generations of women and opened up a new type of thinking. As they began to find their style “tribes”and  worked toward forging a new vision for themselves, they gained the confidence to push back against this wall of judgement.  As  women of all ages gathered together at blog sites, instagram accounts, and twitter, they began to chip away at the fashion industries “codes of conduct” and marginalization of them. A new way of thinking evolved and replaced the “rules” of age-appropriate wear.  This new mantra screamed, “The style journey does not stop…it evolves!”  Women of every age came out of their fabulous closets wearing color and  bold accessories styling them in combinations never dreamed of before!  The demanded to be seen.  For the style-wise lovers of a certain age…The Age of Wishful Thinking ended.  We are kicking our heels up and are striding with stylish confidence toward the open horizons ahead of us.


Most of my outfits feature wardrobe pieces that I have had in my closet for many years…in some cases…decades.  After the seasonal shift of my winter wardrobe to my spring wardrobe late last April, I found this suede skirt far back in the off-season closet.  It was hanging in a clothing bag, sandwiched between a few other pieces that I have not worn, but could not seem to toss due to sentimental reasons.  It is a suede skirt with a broken zipper.  I purchased it close to 15 years ago and I can’t even remember the name of the store where I bought it.  I know it was on sale and I remember coming home and finding the zipper stuck.  I never wore it and forgot about it…completely….for over a decade.  I decided to have the zipper fixed last summer.  Having anything in leather or suede fixed is not cheap, but I decided to do it as the skirt was in pristine shape in every other way…and it still fit!  Today, I have styled it here. 


With this suede skirt from…who knows where….I have paired it with a light wrap top with a fringe trim.   I cinched it with a calf-hair belt I found on sale at Neiman Marcus several years ago.  The earrings were designed by Kenneth Jay Lane and found at a Net-a-Porter sale a year or so ago.  Net-a-Porter and Neiman Marcus are high end, but they know how to discount during end of season sales. 

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