Postcards from Frida


My Alice & Olivia, “Frida Kahlo” skirt seems to keep sticking her fringe out at me when I look into my closet.  I think Frida must be letting me know that she feels she has been overlooked, lately. I admit, I feel closer to Frida’s style in the warmer months when she seems to show up full force sometime around late May.  From wherever warm, sun-drenched place my style muse is spending her time these days, she has not forgotten her friends.  I felt the skirt, tickling my head as I was scrummaging around on the floor of my closet for a pair of boots.  It was like a little postcard from her reminding me that I should not forget her….so Frida!   So, here she is…a postcard from Frida!


The skirt has flowers, vines, and birds embroidered over a black netted over-skirt.  Underneath is a black skirt that ends with a floating, fringe in soft gold tones.  I have paired my, “Frida Kahlo” skirt with a green sweater in a muted olive tone.  I am sure Frida will understand as she is not a cold-weather spirit.  The copper sphere bead necklace was hand-crafted in Santa Fe, New Mexico by artisan, Rocki Gorman.   They have a bluish/violet tinge that seems to make the copper beads glow.  Copper earrings complement the necklace and create a soft chiming sound when I move adding another dimension to this outfit.   The bangles on my wrist are mostly vintage Bakelite.  There is a hand-painted bangle featuring the eyes and eyebrow of Frida Kahlo surrounded by symbols of Mexico.  A black knot belt from Elizabeth Suzanne brings to earth the elegance of the skirt.  I think Frida would be pleased.

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