When Muses Meet


There seemed to be quite a lively tête-à-tête going on in my closet, today.  As I pulled out one piece from my wardrobe, another piece seemed to command my attention.  No sooner would I pull that piece out when another would come to mind.  By the time I finished, I realized that there seemed to be some elbowing going on between my muses and it was being played out all over my dressing room.  


I found a bit of Frida in the laces, head wraps, and dark print pieces. I found Issey Miyake in the kimono shapes and harem pants.  Issey was being given the thumbs-up by Erte over to the side along with vigorous nods of approval.  Loulou de la Falaise was siding with Frida.  Frida’s resolve and vision stood firm.  In the end, they all seemed to come to agreement ….each feeling they won.   I think they left for the party ahead of me.  Who am I to argue.  The Great Compromise can be seen below.  😉

The sleeves of the blouse can be seen underneath the sparrow kimono.



The sparrow (Frida was sometimes referred to as a gentle sparrow) kimono is from Zara.  This was a recent purchase and I am certain it is still available.  I tried to link the kimono, but a message popped up on Zara stating that their site was temporarily shut down as they were preparing for the 30% Black Friday sale…oh my!  The harem pants are Eileen Fisher.  They have been discontinued, but occasionally show up on eBay.


The white blouse was bought at Shein.  The edges of the sleeves can be seen peeking out from under the kimono.  The dark floral scarf was found last spring in a local boutique.


There are two obi belts layered one over the other and tied at the waist. The bottom obi is a thin wide suede with long leather strip ties.  Over this obi belt I tied a second black silk obi. I line both obi belts up together before wrapping and styling them around my waist.


The black jet necklace was found at Shein and the black jet earrings were found at Nordstrom.  The earrings and necklace have since sold out.  I have a black jet ring I found at Root Consignment near my home.  The small black French Bulldog ring was found at Shein…the cutest ring ever..and you would not believe the price. These are still available for purchase.


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