To Parlay!


Parlay  (verb)  to transform into something greater or more valuable.  “To parlay” is the theme of today’s post. My outfit features three pieces with a Japanese aesthetic.  The long, liquid Parlay tunic from Dogstar Clothing is paired with a black vest from Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons.  Added to these two pieces are a pair of harem pants from Eileen Fisher. The black fabric, three-dimensional rose sculptures on the Comme des Garçons vest angle downwards toward the hem. The edges of the vest are raw and the pocket at the side dips down exposed.  As if on que, the Parlay tunic greets the fluid edges of the vest and from there it pours gold rivers of fabric over the black Eileen Fisher harem pants.   Each of these pieces are fabulous in their own way.  Together, they have parlayed their individuality into a greater and more valuable story. 


A story with adjectives is a livelier and more colorful story than one without them.  It will hold our interest a bit longer.  Accessories are the adjectives we add to our outfits to make them a bit more engaging.  It is how we add our personality.  These details add flair and gives more latitude for creative expression.   I have added a hat that matches the color of the Parlay tunic.  I have had this hat for decades.  The feathers in the hat match the Comme des Garçons black rose vest and the harem pants.


The earrings are special to me.  I purchased them at a little shop on the Ponte Vecchio during our trip to Florence, Italy last year.  Orchid petals preserved in  hard cases of clear acrylic are suspended from the feet of tiny, solid gold frogs.  I love the beauty and playfulness of these earrings and I always feel like I am wearing a small part of Florence, Italy when I have them on.  Memories continue to attach themselves every time they are worn.  That is the reward for choosing and adding carefully to our wardrobes.  Adding only what we love and taking care of our wardrobes enriches as it parlays into something greater…layered with memories…into something more valuable.


Vintage Bakelite bangles are stacked on one wrist and a gold metal cuff is on the other.  I have added my old-new Marni perforated black belt to provide structure and control the volume of the outfit.  Black suede wedge shoes with bows finish the look.

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