Paris Persian


During the late Seventies I had my first full-time job.  I was still living at home and as a result I had a small disposable income. I bought my first car.  It was second-hand, but in pristine condition.  I also had funds left over to build the foundation of a decent wardrobe.  I discovered the Chic Boutique in a small corner of a nearby shopping mall.  It specialized in clothing from Paris and Milan.  It also had a lay-away plan.  At that time, credit cards were on the near horizon and laptop computers, cell phones, and the internet over a decade away.   

The Chic Boutique had a small collection of clothing by designers that I had never heard of before: Cacharel, Armani, Christian Aujard and a line of summer dresses from Bridget Bardot. I perused the small collections on my days off from work trying to narrow down my choices.  I tried on different pieces and considered the pros and cons, carefully.  I did not have much, but I had a vision. 

I had to select carefully as the pieces were very expensive and would take months of payments before I could truly call it my own.  The process helped me to learn the value of money and the importance of a plan.   


The teal blue Persian lamb jacket designed by Christian Aujard was my first purchase.  I am wearing it in these pictures. It has held up over time and still fits me fairly well.  It is a little tight across the chest as that part of my body has added some fullness…not when I most wanted it, but when I least needed it. Such is life.  The jacket does not pull or pucker at the front, but I feel a little “compressed” across the chest when the jacket is buttoned all the way up.  I have styled it with the top buttons open.  It is easy and most comfortable styled this way.  The jacket is in perfect shape and shows very little sign of wear.  I loved it then and love it now.


I am wearing my little  blue Persian lamb jacket with a pair of silk high-waist black pants from Elizabeth & James.   I have a perforated black leather belt from Marni around my waist and on my head I am wearing a modern version of a Victorian Riding hat.  The black leather origami clutch is artisan made from Turtle Ridge Gallery in Door County, Wisconsin.  I have featured  these accessories frequently on my blog.

The black and turquoise earrings were found at the Vestaire Collective and were  being offered by a seller from Paris.  Jamie, from the blog More than Turquoise, featured them on her blog as they were similar to a pair she was wearing on her post….so I knew they were pretty fantastic!  I was not disappointed!

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