The Parlay Tunic: Take Two


Today, I have styled the Parlay Tunic from Dogstar Clothing without the vest.  With all the holiday activities, I have opted to try a simpler version…as I run out the door to attend a luncheon.   The temperatures have dropped here in Chicago and we had our first snowfall.  Six inches of “packing” snow hit the ground and the children in the neighborhood could not be happier.  Packing snow is heavy with moisture and as a result makes excellent snowballs, snow forts, snowmen, and snow angels.   It is just cold enough for the precipitation to turn from a wintry mix of rain and sleet to form into giant, fluffy, wet snow.  It also means that it is cold outside!


Layering is key when the temperature turns cold.  I have layered the Parlay Tunic over a black column and belted it at the waist with my new/old Marni belt I found at The RealReal online consignment shop.   My decade’s old hat was still out of its box from the previous styling, so I attached it to my head to dress my look up a bit.   The origami leather clutch from Turtle Ridge Gallery elevates the outfit to a Christmas Luncheon level.   Add a few vintage bangles and I am ready to go….and get my winter coat.


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