Out and About


Out and about running errands, checking on my mother, and taking her shopping.  My mother is a vigorous 87, but has had surgeries on her eyes over the past six months.  She cannot drive and her depth perception is off. she needs help navigating stairs and curbs.  When I am not running around,  I have had my head in a Christmas tree for the past couple of days trying to get uncooperative lights attached to the willing branches of our tree.   It is cold in Chicago and I have layered  my favorite pieces in an attempt to stay warm. 


Over a black column, I am wearing a southwestern style vest from Isabel Marant.  It is amazing how well she has interpreted the southwest style with this grey vest displaying red and black patterning.  One would think that Ms. Marant was a life-long resident of the the U.S. southwest region when in fact she is Parisian.  This is a thick wool vest that stands up well to the sub-zero temperatures of Chicago….layered under a thick outer coat.  A cold wind blew in off of Lake Michigan, but I was toasty warm in my wool vest and thick outer coat.



The red coral Santa Fe cross and coral bead necklace was designed by Santa Fe artisan, Rocki Gorman.  It is part of her Quintessential Santa Fe Collection.  It works with the Isabel Marant vest very well.  The silver and coral earrings are vintage and are from Mexico.   The red and black leather cuff is a new addition to my accessory collection.  It is a designed from REBEL, a New York based jewelry boutique.  I discovered this line of jewelry at the One-of-a-Kind Show and this wrist-cuff caught my eye.  I knew it would make a smooth transition into my wardrobe.  The other bracelet is has chunky coral stones set through its entire circumference. It  was bought many years ago at a small boutique in Evanston, Illinois.   


4 thoughts on “Out and About

  1. A perfect take con layers for cold weather! Lovely!
    Isabel Marant has been a hit in Europe for years. I like her own style: she looks effortless and modern, doesn’t dye her gray hair and has a beautiful simple elegance.
    Hope you had fun with your mother and the errands!


    1. Thank you, Kris… Yes, I do love Isabel Marant and have tried to add pieces of hers to my wardrobe. I found a Birdie Bangle at The Real Real, but other than that, I did not have a single piece from Isabel Marant. She certainly has her own style, but it is her translation of the American Southwest region that had me. Isabel Marant really captures the different elements of it so well.


    1. Thank you,Ruth. I am still trying to string the lights. It takes a few days and several strings went out after I spent hours getting them on the branches. I had to undo and throw out a strand and then found the problem in the other string and was able to salvage the rest. I hope you are resting and getting pampered! Thinking of you!


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