Teal & Turquoise


I love turquoise….really love it!   Actually, I have a fondness for all jewelry crafted by the Navajo in the Santa Fe style.   Since my early teens….long, long ago and far away….I have worn turquoise pieces presented to me as gifts from traveling relatives and/or as birthday, Christmas, and graduation gifts.  Some may think diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but I always preferred turquoise.   Lately, I have discovered the color teal and it is now a favorite color of mine as well.  I wondered what would happen when I put my two favorite colors together.  Teal and turquoise…they are sort of cousins in a way, but would they get along? So, I decided to try it out.   


I have paired a teal Missoni knit-zip jacket with my Santa Fe Navajo jewelry AND my earrings from Angela Caputi.  The Navajo Bow Guard and the Angela Caputi earrings were unknown to me, but Jamie from More Than Turquoise enlightened me on their existence.  I noticed this amazing cuff she was wearing on her blog and read the content and discovered the existence of the BOW GUARD.


I am not sure if these were ceremonial pieces or actually worn by the Navajo people to protect the wrist against the action of a bow pulled and arrow released with such power as to cause injury to the wrist.  My research into this is ongoing.  Regardless, of the intended use of the bow guard, I think it makes a fabulous cuff.  I found mine online as I do not live in Santa Fe.  There are many online sites that are based in Santa Fe and specialize in jewelry made from there; new or vintage.  Mine is vintage and I found it on  ETSY in a shop that is based in New Mexico and specializes only in jewelry made by Native Americans from that region.


The earrings were also another find that Jamie, from More Than Turquoise, had featured on her site.  These were the earrings she did not purchase but generously highlighted them as an alternative to the amazing pair she was wearing in her post.  They are from an Italian/Florentine designer, Angela Caputi, but were being offered at the Vestaire Collective located in Paris.  The Vestaire Collective offers pieces that are pre-owned and for sale by individuals who are members of the collective.   A Parisian woman owned these and was offering them for sale at a reasonable price.  Now, they live with me.  These earrings are comprised of a black rectangular frame with a faceted turquoise rectangle suspended inside.  The interior turquoise piece is attached in such a way that it can move inside the black rectangular frames.


On the opposite wrist, I have a collection of turquoise bangles that I found during my trips through New Mexico.  The turquoise ring was a gift from my mother she selected for me during her visit to Sedona, Arizona.   Now for that Squash Blossom Necklace, I have admired on Jamie Lewinger’s  More Than Turquoise blog…..

6 thoughts on “Teal & Turquoise

  1. YOU are the only other Blogger I know who adores ANGELA CAPUTI!
    I lived in FLORENCE years ago……….was married there high on a hill.
    I think your TEAL and TURQ. WORK!


    1. Thank you! Actually, Jamie Lewinger from the blog, More Than Turquoise…spotted these on sale at the Vestaire Collective (another consignment site..only in Paris). Jamie bought another pair and left this pair behind for one of her followers to pursue…which I did. Although Jamie lives in Santa Fe and loves all things turquoise, her mother lives in France. I get many tips from her blog. I would highly recommend checking it out! She knows her turquoise that if for sure


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