Presents with Presence


Greetings!   I hope everyone had a joyous and delicious holiday.  It is still in full swing in my world as I pirouette through the hustle and bustle of all that is Christmas.  It is a sentimental time and one that has me looking back through my Christmas past.  I welcome loved ones….present and absent….into the heart of my Christmas.  The ghosts of family and friends swirl around the traditions I keep alive to honor and link all the Christmases of my life.  I see them in my mind’s eye so clearly.  It seems my memory is sharper this time of year as I recall more details than I would recall during any other time of the year.   Against the soft glow of candlelit rooms the magic is spun and those who have long been gone seem to come back and mingle with the living.  Their forms greet me in the soft glow of Christmas. In my mind’s eye,  I can make out the tilt of their heads, the way their smiles would form slowly and soften a conversation,  and the way the flames of a log fire would light up their faces as the night sped away.  The sound of their voices  seem to come alive as they canter through time to linger on the stories that were always told.  It is the magic of the Christmas Season and I am forever spellbound in its glow.


It is also a time we exchange gifts.  Gifts have always been an important part of my family’s Christmas tradition.  Gifts were always chosen thoughtfully and wrapped elegantly.  Every detail mattered.  It is a way to say, “ I know you” and “I honor you.”   Sometimes, it is a gift of an experience and other times it is a gift one can hold in hand and admire.   I took my 87 year-young mother to a Christmas Tea at the Drake (Chicago) this year.   The carollers were caroling and the harpist strumming out songs from her harp.  We dressed to honor the occasion and to celebrate the wonder of Christmas.


Today’s post features an “after” look at what emerged from gold foil wrappings and velvet ribbons of the Christmas Evening gift exchange.  The Lilliput hat was a gift from Santa Claus.. and the Sofistafunk skirt/dress was from Mrs. Claus! 


I have paired my new Sofistafunk skirt with a black off-the-shoulder layering tee and a black lace bolero that I have had for ages.   The black velvet lace-up boots are from Steve Madden and were found at Nordstrom back in September.  I had a gift certificate and used it to buy these boots.  They have since sold out at Nordstrom.

The onyx necklace is from designer Ben-Amun and the belt is from Marni.  Both of these items were found at the online consignment site The RealReal over a year ago.  The vintage Bakelite bangles are paired with a black bead bracelet.  These items were also found at consignment shops.  Velvet finger-less gloves with a stitched design finish off this look.  These were found at the Chicago One-of-a-Kind show a few years back.


8 thoughts on “Presents with Presence

  1. This is fabulous and elegant and egy and uniquely you. I love every piece of it, the hat, the jecket, the boots etc and I love the whole. You truly created wearable art.


  2. Wow you really tell a wonderful story! I love the hat and I will remember the wonderful time you had buying that hat this year at the one of a kind! You look fabulous in anything you put on. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!


    1. Thank you, Nancy! A “Santa” funded Christmas gift, but the pleasure of picking it out with you made it even more special. I came home and wrapped it up immediately! I did not peek…not once. That way, it was still a surprise of sorts. I think of it like this: I was window shopping….saw this fabulous hat….went in tried it on…and then it is magically under my tree. A full month almost went by before I saw it again and it was like seeing it for the first time. “Santa” was very pleased with his gift to me.


  3. Lilliput Hats are gorgeously designed and yours is a prime example. What fun and a great gift to receive from Santa as you celebrate all the meanings and memories of Christmas! Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack!


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