Same Coat Styled Two Different Ways


Today’s post features an amazing coat that I came across on Jamie Lewinger’s fabulous blog, More Than Turquoise, not so long ago.  My new coat is now referred to as the “Jamie Coat.”  I find many inspirations on her blog and have followed through on her style tips…which are priceless! 


The coat is from Shein and was not too expensive.  I am on a bit of a spending diet right now as a European trip is on the horizon and I have been changing dollars into euros every month.  I will not dare to bring a credit card! 

I am very impressed with the quality of this coat. It was lined and not a thread out of place.  I love the fit (I always read the size guides for each piece on the Shein site as they can vary), and the colors are lovely.  Thank you very much Jamie of More Than Turquoise for yet another fabulous style tip…and before I forget…she directed me to Rocki Gorman’s hand crafted jewelry boutique in Santa Fe, New Mexico as well.  I am wearing a silver and coral cross with a coral bead necklace in both of my stylings.   These were not inexpensive, but Rocki Gorman offers a generous layaway plan for those of us who live within a budget.   


In the three pictures above, I have styled the Jamie Jacket with more Asian leanings.  I have paired it with harem pants and my origami black leather clutch from Turtle Ridge Gallery.   My hair is in a high knot and simple embellishments were added.   

Below this point, I have styled the Jamie Coat in a more Frida Kahlo style.  I have switched out the black harem pants with a pair of black knit ski pants.  This was partly to accommodate a knee brace..which is also black.  I injured my knee and will be heading for surgery on Friday the 13th.  It is one of my more Frida-like life events!  I truly believe Frida was sitting back thinking that I really needed to have more insight into the pain she endured during her life.  My knee accident severed the cartilage from my knee and it is floating around causing all sorts of havoc.  It needs to come out and the sooner the better (but Friday the 13th…really?) 

Frida Kahlo soared above the pain…which was never far from her…in an explosion of art, style, and activism.   I was only given a “touch” of this pain and I am acting like a drama queen! 


In Frida style, I have wrapped a long, rectangular scarf around my head and secured it with a double rose-red silk clip.   The coral cross and beads from Rocki Gorman surround my portrait in a bold Frida find of red. 



Frida…I get it…you endured incredible pain!  I have just a “touch” of it and I am being a drama queen.  You are my hero and muse!

Thank you, Jamie Lewinger from More Than Turquoise and a big thank you to the spirit of Frida Kahlo! 



Thank you, Jamie Lewinger from More Than Turquoise and a big thank you to the spirit of Frida Kahlo! 

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