Spanish Influence


¡Hola!   Clicking up my heels and twirling my Spanish skirt, today.  This skirt brings to mind one of my favorite memories from Madrid.  Our tour group went out for an evening of tapas and Flamenco.  As we enjoyed our delicious “little bites” we were entertained by Flamenco dancers demonstrating their art.  I could swear I never blinked an eye during the entire show.  I was mesmerized!  The women were graceful and alluring.  Their fringed shawls swirled around them in such a way as to bring to mind the smoke of a genie as it is released from its bottled existence.  The lone male Flamenco dancer was equally enthralling. At one point, my husband covered my eyes with his hand…half joking as all the women at the table were in a concentrated trance of admiration for this man’s exquisite performance.


This is the skirt I wore to that incredible Flamenco performance.  It is a cleverly designed piece from FUZZI and features scenes from Spain….Flamenco dancers, toreadors facing bowing bulls, lacy fans concealing the smiles of maidens…all of these images are captured in various shades of reds, burnt oranges, and blues in this skirt.  These soft colors are outlined by lines and circles of black.  The skirt skims my figure then flairs out at the bottom in a flounce worthy of the tapping feet of a Flamenco dancer.   


This little Spanish hat is a new addition.  It was a gift from Nina Piorkowski from @oohilovethatstore.  I follow her on Instagram.  She displays the most amazing vintage hats and offers such a wide selection of these top-of-the-head beauties.  This hat was posted one day on her site and I greatly admired it.  Later, I received a message from the lovely Nina saying that she would like to offer this hat as a gift to me.  I was pleasantly…very pleasantly…surprised by this generous offer from someone I did not  know.  I accepted the gift and I am extremely grateful for Nina’s thoughtfulness and generosity! This little “Flamenco” hat has found a home on my head.  I love it and will be taking it to Spain this Spring ….my Spanish skirt insisted as it made friends immediately with this little black beauty!


The red leather and brass cuff that I am wearing is from a NYC designer; REBEL.  I was first introduced to the REBEL designs in December of 2015 at the Chicago One-of-a-Kind Show.  It was the last designer that my One-of-a-Kind shopping partner, NancyFanc1, and I visited that day.   Of course, I did not have two nickels to rub together by the time we found the REBEL booth, but I promised to make it back the following year.   I did.  This cuff is what I selected last month  (December of 2016) from REBEL.  This may be an annual thing!


The black onyx pendant necklace was designed by Ben Amun and found at The RealReal online consignment site.  The perforated and studded Marni belt  (an identically designed belt is currently being offered at the RealReal in the color brown for 65.00 with a 20% discount off of that price…I have on a black version of the belt) was also found at The RealReal.  The RealReal has REAL good deals on high-end pieces.  There is a tight quality control system in place and all pieces are authenticated.  I have consigned and bought pieces from The RealReal.  It has an excellent reputation.

8 thoughts on “Spanish Influence

  1. HERE IAM.
    QUESTION, I thought I signed up but did not receive an email notifying me of your NEW POST?Any thoughts on that or did not I do something wrong?
    YOU look wonderful in your SPANISH ensemble.I have found Instagram to be a wonderful place as well………..I shall check out your vintage hat GAL!I use to have a vintage/antique shop for 12 years……….I may have a couple of HATS for you in my storage!DO you have a small head?


  2. I check SPAM daily…………and NO notification of this POST today I just checked myself.Maybe it is TOO early.
    CYBER SPACE I have a LOVE/DISLIKE feeling for it!


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