Baby, It’s Cold Outside


As temperatures drop into deep freeze here in the Chicago Tundra, I am bundling up in my warm furs on this Twelfth Night and last light of Christmas.  Although the days are getting longer by minutes as we march our frozen feet toward Spring, the added moments of light do not keep the freezing cold away. 

In the top three pictures, I have styled my Dr. Zhivago outfit without my “Lara” Silver Fox fur hat.  In the bottom three pictures, I have styled my outfit with the hat. My late father gave me a Silver Fox fur coat and hat for Christmas around 35 years ago. The coat has broad shoulders (circa 1980’s style) and it is on my To-Do list to get remade.  However, I wear the hat often when Chicago is wrapped in a winter deep freeze. It has kept me warm on many  bitter cold nights as I made my slow winding way towards the opera house from the car park. 

 I remember going to Bonwit Teller’s for a fitting of this coat and hat… long ago and far away…I remember I felt like a queen as I spun around on my toes in front of a tall three-way mirror!  Time may fade, people we love die, and places disappear, but the memories of them forge through to the present and are burnished to a high polish every time I call them forward in my mind.  Clothing can be the props to our life’s stories and serve as a talisman to precious memories.  


I have a faux fur vest layered over a soft alpaca wool marshmallow color tunic sweater from Vince. The faux fur Alice & Olivia vest (similar here) was purchased at Neiman Marcus several years ago, but I have seen this vest on sale at The RealReal on many different occasions.  I love mine and will not be consigning it.  It is well made and looks and feels like real fur. 



The rabbit fur boot toppers are new.   I love tall boots!  Unfortunately, I have very muscular legs and find most boots too narrow to get past my calves.  So, when I saw these boot-toppers at Overland Sheepskin Company  with elastic at each end and a fur-puff tie at the upper part of the topper for a perfect fit adjustment, I decided to bite-the-budget-bullet and send it into oblivion…I ordered them!   I can pull them up over my ankle boots.  These toppers provide an extra layer of warmth and looks stylish as well.  In sub-sub zero temperatures, faux fur does NOT keep you warm like real fur and with a cold arctic wind blowing off the lake…wind chills can drop to -35 degrees F./-37.222 Celsius.  I add another layer of warmth before heading outside.  My great coat (not pictured) is a long shearling coat with a generous collar and it is the final layer..that and a pair of gloves…and scarf.  I become unrecognizable in all these layers, but I am warm!


The zen bamboo pendant necklace is from amalthee-creations in France.   This is a fabulous online boutique and the designer specializes in contemporary ethnic creations.  I purchased this over a year ago, but it is still available for purchase.


The belt is a calf-hair belt from Neiman Marcus found at a season-end sale several years ago and the bone/antler cuffs were found at the online antique/vintage shop collective, Ruby Lane.


I also have on a pair of bone bangles from Angélique de Paris found at a deep discount at The RealReal last year.  The earrings are a white jade from China and were found several years ago in a small boutique in Door County, Wisconsin during my annual summer visit.


6 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside

    1. My late father was the Principal Percussionist at Lyric Opera of Chicago for 43 years. I grew up on opera and was allowed to miss school to attend dress rehearsals when I was growing up. I was only a “star” among stage crew, musicians, and singers when I was in elementary school. I met many of the opera greats and enjoyed the comradery behind the scenes. Although, it was the staging and dazzling costumes that mesmerized me at that age, I grew to love opera more and more as I grew up. Sadly, I was tone deaf and could not carry a note, I do appreciate this art form and will make every effort to attend performances. Now, the operas have added another layer of meaning….all those I loved who have left this world…greet me when I walk through the Art Deco doors of Lyric Opera…they say, “Welcome Home.”


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