Casting Call


Today, I am featuring my latest accessory….an ankle-to-thigh Velcro encrusted cast.  I had knee surgery this past Friday the 13th, which is why I have been absent from my blog.   Anesthesia hit me hard and then realizing that this cast would be with me longer than implied…talk about a Bait-and-Switch.   The injury and resulting surgery were bad enough, but this cast dampened all my usual enthusiasm to tell my style story.   It took me a couple of weeks to grapple with this new accessory and get used to it wrapped securely around my leg everywhere I went, but to style it…I was flummoxed!


Until…the dress rehearsal for the opera, Norma, loomed large on the calendar!  I decided to take this new style challenge and own it.  First, I tried long skirts and dresses, but the Velcro grabbed and snagged the fabrics and had to be carefully peeled away to prevent damage.  I just decided to go “Full Frida” with this and wear it over black knit pants.   I purchased a new white poplin dress from Zara right before my surgery….along with the cutest bomber jacket ever (similar here)…and decided to call it into action…as a tunic. I am also wearing a cropped vest I picked up at a Mango sale a few years ago.  I seem to collect vests like they are accessories.  The Marni belt seals the deal along with a black floral/butterfly head scarf in my hair. 


After my last doctor visit…a few hours ago… I found out that the earliest date possible to have this cast removed is February 23rd.   I will try and wrap it in Saran Wrap or find a long slip so I can wear my maxi/long midi skirts.  I asked if I can secure it higher on my leg and was told that as long as the knee is covered that I would be fine.  sigh. 

The Day Before Surgery


This picture captures my mood when I found out that my surgery would take place at 6:00 in the morning on Friday the 13th.


I have on a moss green lace blouse from Anthropologie.  My friend @nancyfanc1 pointed this out to me shortly before my surgery.  She had bought it for a niece as a birthday present.  I was looking for such a piece as the color would go with the olive faux fur vest I bought last December.




I am wearing olive green knit ski pants and tall berry color boots from Boden from a few years ago. The necklace is over 10 years old.  I found it at Chicos.  Chicos has some fabulous accessories at reasonable prices.   The bangles are vintage Bakelite and most were found at the online collective, Ruby Lane.


Two Days Before Surgery


I was running around trying to take care of loose ends  I ordered this white poplin dress and green bomber jacket from Zara during the End-of-Season Sale. 


This bomber jacket is the bomb!  It has orange lining AND a zipper closure in the back as well as the front…so many styling ideas.  I sent the items to the Oakbrook Center shopping mall as it saves on shipping costs and I can try it on in the store to see if the pieces fit well.  If not, I just return them there. I picked up the Anthropology moss green blouse on this trip as well.  It will be awhile before I return.


I have on my Frye Motorcycle Boots with this outfit.  My husband gave me these boots as a birthday gift 11 years ago.


13 thoughts on “Casting Call

    YOU do as the DOC says and just catch up on BLOGS and GOOD BOOKS.
    Then end of FEBRUARY will be HERE in a blink of an eye!
    You must share some of your favorite sits on RUBY LANE.I have a friend who sells there but do not go on much……….PERHAPS for FEAR I will BUY TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!XO

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    1. I did ride a motorbike years and years ago. It was great fun, but it was on backroads in Indiana…not Chicago city streets. I think they would be perfect for scooting around Santa Barbara, though! I am trying to catch up on book, and blogs, and such. If you have any book recommendations, I would love to hear them! February is here…I am going back over my blog comments, now….catching up..and trying to figure out what I should do next! Thank you as always for your stellar support!


  2. No, but I do like to ride horses! I am dreaming of a pastel color Vespa, though. I could easily picture myself on that! I will certainly share…there are a few sites I like, but my favorite is no longer there….sigh. Thank you for your support, fabulous care package, gorgeous blog posts….and I will look forward to your book recommendations!


    1. I live in Chicago! My mother was from Cambridge City/Centerville Indiana. My grandparents (mother’s parents) had an antique shop, there….Faye’s Antiques. My middle name is Faye named after her. My mother moved to Chicago when TWA stationed her there during her TWA stewardess days. She lived near Midway as O’Hare Airport was in the process of being planned/built. My mother has stayed in Chicago, but I spent my summers in Cambridge City as a child. We would sometimes go to Brown County for a few days as well.


  3. Lisa , It is great to see you back on the blog. One day at a time and soon that brace will be gone. I admire your dedication and determination to continue to post amazing , styles. So happy you were able to enjoy the box seats with your mother. Hope you feel better every day! Nancy

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