A New Cape for Spring


Today’s post features my new black scalloped hem cape. This black cape will be traveling with me to Europe in Spring.  I first saw this piece on the very stylish Jamie Lewinger a few months back on her blog, More Than Turquoise, I loved the scalloped hem and overall design of this piece.  Jamie described the fabric as lighter weight appropriate for New Mexico winter weather and my thoughts went immediately to the trip I would be taking to Europe in the not-too-distant-future.  A New Mexico winter would be similar to Chicago weather in Fall and Spring.  The price was right and Jamie is a trusted style resource whose suggestions have always been golden.  When she describes a piece as a fabulous find…it is!   


As I mentioned above, I will be taking this cape with me to Europe this Spring. I will be cruising from the warmer climates of southern Spain to the northern regions of  (St. Petersburg, Russia and Scandinavia) which are much cooler.  This cape can be layered over a blouse, layered over a sweater,layered over a tank for colder days, or just a blouse or top for somewhat warmer days.  It will be easy to take on and off on the plane and can rest with its scallops up on a comfortable chair in our cabin as we tour Barcelona and the Andalusian region of Spain. A perfect piece! In addition to that, It will fit in my mostly black, white, and red capsule. 


I have accessorized this outfit with gold tone jewelry to match the gold buttons on the cape.  I am wearing my black leather tall boots I purchased on sale from Boden a few years ago.

4 thoughts on “A New Cape for Spring

    IT sounds like YOU are READY for TAKE OFF!!!!!!!!!!
    I would like YOU to COUNT all the HEADS TURNING as YOU walk by on your trip!They will DEFINITELY think YOU are EUROPEAN!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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