Layers of Winter White


Winter has returned after a brief reprieve of Spring-like weather.  Although it will not last too long, according to weather predictions, it is here for a few days.  As the cold weather sweeps down from Canada, I will be wearing layers of winter white to brighten the day and greet windward snowflakes as they pass by.    

Wearing a column of one color allows me the opportunity to explore and play with shapes that are not always flattering to my petite frame.  I can get away with a long sweater over wide-leg cropped pants.  I can even add another layer and shape over that foundation without chopping up my silhouette.  To add interest, I use a variety of textures.


The white waffle weave vest was purchased at Mark Shale during an end of season sale.  Mark Shale was a favorite shop of mine, but like many others closed their doors in 2012 during the Great  Recession.  Although there was an attempt to revive the store, the new version was not the same and failed as well.  The winter white culottes are a favorite of mine and I really enjoy wearing them in the cold months of December, January, and February. 

A few years ago, I  noticed these culottes in an Anthropologie December catalog.  My mother was sitting with me over a cup of tea.  We were browsing through catalogs trying to find Christmas gifts for family and friends.  As I was getting a sense of what my mother wanted for Christmas, the mail was delivered.  In the bundle of mail, I saw an Anthropologie catalog.  I do not know who designs and edits these catalogs, but they are always a visual treat…as are their windows.  I could not resist opening it.  Of course, these culottes were being featured.  I kept coming back to them and my mother took notice.  She expressed her admiration for them, but I felt they were too expensive.  I remember saying that I hoped they made it to the season sales.   My mother and I are about the same size and share clothes, shoes, hats, and gloves.  I did not notice the catalog disappear that day and assumed it was inadvertently thrown out.   It was not. As it turned out the catalog went home with my mother and she ordered these white knit culottes to give me as a Christmas gift.  I was very surprised!  The marshmallow alpaca knit is from Vince… another Neiman Marcus sale find from years ago. 


The silver jewelry seems to be a collection gathered from my travels.  Sterling Silver earrings from Italian designer, Ippolita.  Her designs can be found here in many retail stores. I provided a link to the earrings I am wearing as they are still being made. My earrings were purchased several years ago, but Ippolita keeps their most popular designs available.  The price is a bit higher now than when I purchased them.   The Spanish silver ring is from my last trip to Barcelona.  It was made by a Spanish artisan using fine Spanish silver.  It is in the shape of a sail.  The silver tone chainmail bracelet is from Paris.  The wide white cuff on the opposite wrist has a crackle design on it that reminded me of the Raku pottery finish that is greatly prized in Japan…and elsewhere.  It was also found at Anthropologie at a sale price years ago.   

6 thoughts on “Layers of Winter White

  1. I adore winter white and have recently added winter white jeans to my coat. What you have shown is how to play around with the shapes which does not sound like it would work so much in theory but in practice it looks great xx


    1. Ruth, I found that using the same/very similar colors in an outfit “blurs” lines. I focus on the whole silhouette instead of looking at the bits (that is saved for my high contrast ensembles”. What I noticed, is that using the same color column acts like a line eraser…and bump eraser….and is very flattering. It is neutral, though and can lack the drama I frequently crave…but it is a good option for those days I want to work with just shapes and texture.


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