Check Please!


Check Please!   Checking in with this almost-off-the-shoulder check top.  The black, white, and grey check pattern wraps around the shoulders in a generous shawl-collar  and then criss-crosses at the center.  A black peplum-like shape emerges from under the check collar and flairs out at the hem.   The black knit portion seems to have some stretch and skims without feeling restrictive.  I found this top at Storets.  It seemed to be lost among all the flowing tops and blouses with layers of ruffles, bows, and ties.  Although I do like a wide sleeve and enjoy sleeves that flair, bell, and ruffle (kimono sleeves have always been my favorite shape),  sometimes I am drawn to a simpler style.  The sleeves of this top skim my arms much in the same way as the body of the top skims my figure.  The wide shawl collar conceals my upper arms… that have seemed to have increased in circumference the past two decades… and that makes this top an even better choice for me. 


I have added my leather perforated Marni belt that I found on sale at the online consignment site, The RealReal.  It was less expensive than a new belt constructed from man-made materials at a discount site.  I have paired this belt with so many outfits that it has paid for itself several times over. 


The necklace is composed of black resin Ginkgo leaves.  It is a piece from the Australian brand  ELK.  The earrings are also a black resin and found years ago on sale at Anthropologie.   Vintage black Bakelite bangles from the 1920’s finish off this look.

4 thoughts on “Check Please!

    1. Thank you, Jamie! I check around different sites for pieces. When I find something I like, I look for it or something similar to it at discount places…which you have been an amazing resource at pointing me in the right direction. After scouring several places and I find nothing like the piece exists…and if the piece is within my budget I will go back and bring it home. This was the case with this top. I looked everywhere and it is an original and the price was not too bad.


    1. Thank you! Yes, I am starting to organize. I have combed through my wardrobe and have the first “pull” gathered. The main colors will be black, white, and red. However, I have added brown as well and a few dashes of blue…one green…we shall see. The process of elimination will be the most difficult. I love bringing a wide choice of jewelry…lock box on the ship. However, this is weighty! That will be the really tough cull. Fortunately, I many pieces are lightweight as this is not a Fall/Winter trip. I do need some warmer clothing as Russia and Scandinavia are not as warm in May. I will be posting outfits here and IG. My black “column” consists of black layering tee., black harem pants, black maxi column skirt, and black wrap skirt. All of them are very lightweight. I can build color around it. I also have cropped wide leg brown pants with vertical color stripes. I like cropped pants and harem pants as I do not need to wear higher heel shoes and a slight wedge or low chunky heel will do. I may have to have a pair of knit straight leg pants to be able to wear with the knee brace for more challenging tours. I would wear those in transit.


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