Greetings from Spain!   I am currently out of the country and touring Europe on the Viking Sky cruise ship.   Our first stop was gorgeous Barcelona.  It is my favorite city.  This picture was taken in the harbor just outside of Cadiz, Spain…one of the oldest cities in Europe! From Cadiz I took a tour to Seville where I found the most gorgeous embroidered Mantone (will post later).  Thank you Kris for directing me to Juan Foronda in Seville!  Most of this outfit has been constructed from Spanish items and/or with a Spanish theme in mind.

The embroidered floral dress is worn as a top.  I found this at ZARA before I left on the cruise and it was love at first sight.  The embroidered parrots and flowers had me at “HELLO” and the wide puffy sleeves where too adorable to pass up!   It is cotton and lined.  I separated the lining from the dress/tunic/top as I always manage to get myself tangled up between the lining and overlay piece when dressing if I leave them attached to each other. 

Scarf from Barcelona

The long cotton scarf was found in Barcelona.  I was doing a bit of shopping while our rooms on the ship were being prepared for us.  We arrived at 11:00 after a pair of flights and a l—o—n—g layover in NYC.  We left Chicago at 8:00 in the morning on April 14th and arrived in Barcelona at 10:00 the following day (time jumps a bit ahead as well).   I did not want to wait for our rooms  to be ready as we were told that they would not be completed until 2:00.   I had lunch on the ship, left my dear and very tired husband in a comfortable spot, then left for the city.  Barcelona is an easy city!  I went in and out of the narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter and greeted them like old friends.  I saw this scarf in a shop window, but was told it was from a Scandinavian designer. However, it thought it would pair well with my new Zara top (which I was not wearing at the time as I was still in my in-flight outfit).  I was right and the pairing is shown here when I put it all together for my tour of Seville.

Barcelona Ring, Rocki Gorman necklace (Santa Fe) and “Carmen” opera bracelets

I wanted a special piece that was made in Barcelona, Spain.  During my walk around Barcelona, I found the Picasso Museum.  I stood in line for a long time, but it was not moving and it would have been over an hour before I would be able to get in.  I decided to do something else as I had to return to the ship soon and get ready for our evening tapas tour and Flamenco show (which were so fabulous).  During my walk, I noticed a small corner shop displaying the most interesting jewelry.  I noticed the couple inside and how the man was crafting his beautiful jewelry in the back of the shop.   I went in and found the ring with the green semi-precious stone set high in a setting over three fresh water pearls.  The setting is in sterling silver, but the ring portion that wraps around the finger are several steel rings fused together.  The ring reminded me of a crown from the Medieval Period…like a crown for a queen.

I also have on my Rocki Gorman red coral necklace and pendant.  I was in line to get into the Seville Cathedral where Christopher Columbus is entombed when a woman walked up to me and asked, “Your necklace is a Rocki Gorman piece, isn’t it?”  I assured her it was. She was from Denver, Colorado and was very familiar with Rocki Gorman jewelry.  We instantly bonded over our love of Rocki Gorman artisan jewelry….so beautiful…so Sante Fe!

I have paired my tunic dress with my black Eileen Fisher harem pants…which roll up and seem to spring out of suitcase unwrinkled and ready to go!




15 thoughts on “SPAIN

    1. Thank you, Jamie! I have really struggled with technology here and have just been able to share the photos from my iPad to my laptop. As we were gliding near Jersey U.K and France….my iPad started to automatically sharing the photos I have been taking…YEAH. I will be in Paris this Sunday! I have been following your blog and I love the looks you are putting together…so gorgeous…as always!!!!


      1. I also told the woman (a very stylish woman), who identified my Rocki Gorman necklace about your blog. I explained how you directed me to so many Southwestern resources. She noted the name of your blog, More Than Turquoise, so I hope you will be hearing from her, too!


    1. Thank you, Georgia! We have been very busy and everything was smooth sailing until we left Lisbon, Portugal. The stop at Porto, Portugal was cancelled due to high winds. That means we have been at sea…in the Atlantic Ocean, for 2 days. The wind became stronger which resulted in 10-16 foot waves which resulted in discomfort and 900 + people walking like drunk sailors. The Mediterranean was so smooth. As we approach Jersey (U.K.) near France, the water has quieted and all is smooth again. I thought I would give you the heads up.


  1. Lisa, the Zahra number was meant for you and for this trip. Clothes bring connection and look what it did at a random jewellery boutique in a Spanish city so far from home? You look stunning. Women who have style and care about style make me smile and you are definitely one of these special people 😘 xx


  2. How magical! You have such a beautiful way of storytelling….. I felt like I was there! All so marvelous and looking forward to seeing more pictures and hearing more of your travel adventures! Ole!!


    1. Thank you so much, Nina! We are having a fabulous time. I have been having tech issues with the iPad as it refused to share my photos on Facebook, IG, and/or email. I keep fiddling with it, but no luck. As we moved past the Bay of Biscay they photos all transferred. Hoping that keeps up. We are on Jersey Island, today. Amazing views and amazing ice cream made fresh from the mild of the Jersey cows. It was the best ice cream I have ever tasted. Good thing I don’t live here…Holy Cow…!!!


  3. Hi Lisa,
    Wow an adventure and what beautiful pieces you have found. Loved reading about your day to day experiences. Can’t wait to see your next post!

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Such a stunning outfit! I love how all the pieces harmonize in such a consistent Sevillian gypsy-esque vibe. It reminds me the style of two local Sevillian designers, Victorio & Lucchino. Precious purchases! I feel so pleased that you found a mantón you love- and I’m sure it loves you back! Have a good time in París!, it’s always a great stop. Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kris, I am so madly in love with Spain. The memories are magical. Love the Seville style and the Mantone is gorgeous! Thank you Thank you Thank you for directing me to the right place to find the perfect manton! It is black with embroidered cream flowers and cream fringe. The fringe is not as long as a large manton or a Flamenco artists Manton, but long enough to sway and move with me. We are currently on the island of Jersey (UK). Lovely views, but it is the Jersey cows and the Jersey ice cream that is made from the milk of these cows….the most delicious ice cream I have ever tasted. Heading for Paris, tomorrow…Sunday….Election Day….what could go wrong?


    DID YOU GET THAT!!!!!!!?
    I was SO HAPPY READING THIS……………..
    I cannot wait FOR MORE CHAPTERS of the TRIP!


    1. THANK YOU, GORGEOUS CONTESSA! I am MADLY in love with Spain!!!!! Spent two days on rough seas, but was rewarded with a beautiful day on lovely Jersey Island (UK) Incredibly beautiful views on this island AND they have these sweet looking JERSEY COWS which contribute the the ice cream here on Jersey….truly the most delicious and decadent ice cream I have ever tasted. Good thing I do not live here, they would need a freighter to get me off.


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