Lisbon, Paris, & Amsterdam

Scenes from Amsterdam

On my grand adventure exploring Europe I have collected so many fine memories.   Above are a few pictures of Amsterdam…the city of canals!  This was my first time in Amsterdam and I succumbed to its charms.  It enchants you with its colorful gabled houses and elm lined canals.  With 90 islands connected by 1,500 hundred bridges it is a joy to walk and discover  what lies beyond the next bridge.  After adjusting to the bicycle lanes and traffic patterns…there were a few close calls and my head learned to twist far to the right and far to the left to avoid my early demise…. Amsterdam cast her magic and I was under her spell.  What an incredible city!   I walked and walked and walked always discovering another surprise…like the man in a small boat with a small piano, trumpet, drums, whistles, cymbals, and a fused instrument made from several instruments that I cannot begin to describe. It is no wonder a small group  gathered on the bridge overhead and listened to him play his one-man-band-in-a-boat music…it was pure enchantment!

I stopped for lunch at a cafe (pictured above).  It was the perfect place to watch the local people come in for a coffee or tea. Hopefully, you will see the large bowl size striped tulips on the counter.  Tulips are everywhere!  I was the only tourist in the cafe at the time and was able to watch a young group meet up after school and witness the light flirtations…which can be detected in any language…of the beautiful young ladies and handsome boys over a tea and snack.  The girls were the ones to leave first on their motorcycle, throwing back their long blonde hair challenging the boys to try and follow.  Then off they sped in a cloud of laughter.

Every city has its beauties, unique history, and places to watch the people go about the business of living their everyday lives.  Traveling opens up so many windows and a quiet corner in a local cafe is the window that gives a traveler the best view of the personality of a city one is visiting.  I am having the time of my life!


Outfit I wore in Amsterdam.


Outfit I wore in Paris.  I saved my beloved Missoni duster for my return to Paris!


The outfit I wore in Lisbon, Portugal.  It was warmer in Lisbon.



11 thoughts on “Lisbon, Paris, & Amsterdam

  1. So nice to see you enjoying your travel in your gorgeous outfits. It must be fun to travel and blog at the same time. Enjoy and keep the memories coming.


  2. You look absolutely beautiful! Sounds like you and Michael are having a wonderful time. Love the special Paris outfit. Enjoy your travels; your photos are simply beautiful.


  3. Your enchanting visits remind me of favorite cities. I enjoyed seeing Rembrandt’s home and studio and the Riksmuseum when we visited. Your outfits are so stylish, you are a great example of a refined and lovely American abroad.


    I agree with you about THE CAFE.THAT Is where to watch the world walk by!
    When does the KIMONO come out of the suitcase????

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, gorgeous!!!! It is a fun trip, but turned very cold as we head north and east. Most tours meet between 7:00 and 9:00 in the morning. Yesterday, we did not get back to the ship until around 8:30 in the evening. I am in layers of clothing and will try and get the kimono out. It is A LOT warmer in Chicago than it is here…currently in Copenhagen. A Sea Day is coming up, so hopefully I will have time to “spa” and bring on the kimono.


  5. What a poetical insight about the café scene! Loved your description. And you definitely know how to pack in style! I love your special pieces like the lovely Missoni duster. Inspiring! I wish you get on having the time of your life in this journey! Xxx


    1. Thank you, Kris! I am REALLY missing the warmth of Spain!!!!!!!! I packed far too many warm weather items. The weather reports that I could access were about 10 degrees off ….even for Seville. I read that Seville would be 91 degrees (very hot), but it was a gorgeous 82F. I am now living in the only sweater I packed and the heavier jersey pants I wore on the flight over here. I was fashionable until I hit Copenhagen. Berlin was cold, but it was sunny and dry. Copenhagen was really cold and damp. The city was still beautiful, though. It seemed to sparkle under the coating of soaking rain. However, I did not….lol… We have just docked outside of Tallinn, Estonia. It is arount 37F…but sunny


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