St. Petersburg, Russia


The Hermitage and Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia.   Our adorable Russian tour guide, Uta (pronounced Utah),  is seen in the lower right-hand corner…at least top of her head is visible.  

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The Gold Peacock Clock from the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.  It is truly amazing.  There is a video below to show this beautifully crafted piece in action.




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The Faberge eggs took one year to complete.  The eggs were presented to the Czar each year to commemorate a special event.  Faberge designed the eggs, but did not craft them.  The first egg was the simplest…white with a golden chicken and egg as the inside “surprise”.   The exact replica of the Scythian gold bracelet won Faberge an international prize and gained a very important customer….the CZAR of Russia!  Faberge was allowed to copy an actual Scythian gold band that was in the Hermitage collection to use for his entry in the international competition.  It is shown next to the first egg…the simple white egg.  The original gold band is in the Gold Room.  Pictures are not allowed to be taken there.   There are 19 eggs in this collection.  All eggs contained a surprise and most of them are included alongside the egg in the display case.    


This picture is taked outside Copenhagen, Denmark.  Right alongside our ship’s dock was a group of outlet stores.  The weather turned very cold and it was a damp cold.  I purchased this Norwegian brand vest at one of the outlets as I was heading to St. Petersburg, Russia where I thought I might need another layer of warmth.  The weather research I did for this trip has averaged about 10F colder than actually predicted.  This made a difference when traveling the Baltic. This vest is an olive green color with a pale pink lining.  It layers easily under and over other pieces without adding bulk.  It was the only practical purchase I made the entire trip….but…much needed!



Here I am in my French Connection embroidered silk kimono.  It remains a favorite piece of mine.  I have paired it with orange Monies earrings and an orange resin necklace.  Tonight, we will have a special dinner on the ship at Manfredi’s Restaurant. There are several restaurants on the ship and all meals in these restaurants are included in the cost of the cruise.  However, there are two very special high-end restaurants and we were only allowed one reservation in each.  Manfredi’s is one of these restaurants and I booked a reservation early in April (as soon as I was allowed) for a private table on the evening we completed our visit to St. Petersburg, Russia.  It was a fabulous experience and marked the occasion of visiting St. Petersburg perfectly!



2 thoughts on “St. Petersburg, Russia

  1. WHAT did you dine on in this FIRST RATE FOODIE SPOT on the SHIP VESSEL?
    Love the VEST……Love the colors even MORE!GREEN and PINK……….
    Headed out overseas soon…… haste.
    WE Must catch up on the old fashion telephone upon my return!
    How is the KNEE?


    1. I am really looking forward to seeing your “Garden Tour” posts. I sure hope you do not encounter the issues with your IG account overseas…mine stopped entirely! I am sure you will be in your best blooms for this trip. Take kitty out of the luggage and give Banksey a hug. Is the Italian going with you….nothing like a good Italian accessory (wink)! The knee is about 90%. I picked up a virus on the way home from my trip and that has had me down…along with being rushed to the ER for an allergic reaction to the meds for ear infection from the virus. I think I caught it coming through Customs. Might not be a bad idea to keep a light scarf around your nose and mouth coming through.


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