Seville, Flamenco, and Mantones


After spending two glorious days in Barcelona we headed toward the south of Spain…Andalusia…the home of Flamenco. My big purchase for this trip was decided on before leaving Chicago. I am enamored with the art of Flamenco, so  with the help of a Facebook friend, Kris…. a resident of Spain and a font of knowledge regarding all things Spain….. I was directed to Juan Foronda.


Juan Foronda is a highly respected source for the finest Mantones (shawls) in Spain. It is the best source for high quality, authentic, Spanish made mantones.  It is where the Flamenco dancers prefer to purchase their shawls.  There is a difference in size between a shawl made for Flamenco dance and one for elevating an outfit from your wardrobe.  It is a master artist who knows how to turn a large Flamenco Dance shawl into a magical creature composed of part air and part silk.  That is not me. After touring the Seville Cathedral, I made my way to Juan Foronda.  It was a boutique in a narrow street not far from the Cathedral and sat among many fine shops in the area.  Walking into the shop, I felt as if I had entered an exotic space from a time long past.  It was shimmering in silk!  I approached the clerks behind the counter and handed them a note that gave a very basic description of what I wanted…carefully translated from English to Spanish at home in Chicago. Once it was determined that I did not want a Flamenco shawl for dance, but for my wardrobe, I was measured by extending my arms out…no tape measure, but a quick glance instead. Next, I was asked about my budget, and color preferences. Since I allowed a very generous budget for this piece (I came with actual euros as my husband and I agreed it would be best if I left my credit card at home…still paying off the last cruise) my choices were many.


I ended up purchasing the first Mantone that was shown to me.   It was love at first sight. Creamy white hand embroidered silk flowers against a black background. Creamy white fringe at every edge. Hand embroidered in Spain in the best of traditions!


Close up of embroiderd silk flowers





Close up of silk edge work and silk fringe


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11 thoughts on “Seville, Flamenco, and Mantones

    1. Thank you, Nancy! It seemed I danced all the way through Spain. Loved it! I am trying to talk Michael into returning soon as the cruise we wanted to take next is booked up….to Panama! I am itching to get back to Spain. If Paris is on the venue…all the better!


  1. Well,I am IN L O V E!!!!!!!!
    Just know if I ever get to visit…………….. YOU MUST KEEP ME OUT OF YOUR CLOSET!!!!!!
    You must be SO pleased with your PURCHASE!I know FRIDA would BE!!!!!


  2. Thank you, Elizabeth! My closet is a mid-century closet….which has some oddities and is very, very small. I have an armoire that stores sweaters. It is a Kindel piece from Marshall Fields & Co. I purchased it when I was 21. There is an antique chest from my late grandmother’s antique shop in Indiana. A lot of clear boxes that are labeled and stacked…..and then my under the bed shoe storage…non-system. This is the guest room as there is only a hat closet in the master bedroom….which my husband has for his sweatshirt collection and a shelf for linens. Which is why I was looking to see how Tziporah stored her collection. You are most welcome to come and visit….you would be sleeping in the guest bedroom aka my closet


    1. WHERE in INDIANA did your GRANDMOTHER have an ANTIQUE SHOP?Did I tell YOU my MOTHER grew up there??ALSO< CINDY HATTERSLEY who does THE AGELESS STYLE BLOG POSTS WITH me well she grew up in INDIANA as well!!!!!Did you pop to her blog from my POST?She is a decorator here in CALIFORNIA………….XX


      1. The Antique Shop was in Cambridge City, Indiana. That is very close to Earlham College…my mother and uncle attended that college. I grew up around Civil War era antiques and large spinning wheels. Hand made mahogany and walnut settees. Horse hair sofas and cut glass that would make you weep they were so beautiful. I have an 18th Century chest with little wheels that I store things in. My mother painted and pickled it in an antique white. My grandmother and grandfather would go all up and down the center of the country looking for antiques. When my grandmother died…the museums came to the auction of her antiques


  3. I’ll be in the closet alongside you Contessa, and if she wears any accessories then those will be politely purloined as well!


  4. I bring you some beautiful African beadwork to make a fair trade. I have to admit that Mantone is absolutely magnificent, I wouldn’t have been able to resist it either. Elizabeth and I are taller than what is deemed average and it would be the perfect size for me. Some of them are rather small and I believe those are the ones the dancers use. I bought one from the shop in the Prado quite a few years ago when I was in Madrid and it had been supplied by the same store as you bought yours from, but I probably paid over the odds because it was the Prado and then to top it off my husband blew a fuse when he was exactly how much!!! But to me, it was and still is perfect, no matter the cost.


    1. Thank you! I love this gorgeous shawl and will treasure it as a reminder of beautiful, gorgeous, sunny Spain forever and ever! It was expensive, but I did my research ahead of time. I took euros to pay for it. My husband and other family members gave me gifts in euros at my birthday and holidays. I also squirreled away some cash to transfer into euros for the trip. That way, I avoided any issues over the cost of an item. It was not on a credit card and I swallowed the receipts….


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