My Friend Fuchsia


My friendship with Le Fuchsia all started with a lipstick….



I received a free sample of this lipstick from Sephora a couple of months ago.  The sample found its way to the bottom drawer in the bottom of a make-up pouch.  One dreary, gray day I decided to organize all my make-up…which had magically grown over the past couple of years!  I never seem to throw free samples out and tuck them away in drawers, cases, and pouches just in case of some looming disaster when I find myself unable to get to Sephora or my fingers are all broken and I can’t use the internet.   In the end, the samples were taking over my drawers and creating chaos.  I could never find what I was looking for when I needed it!

Although, the lipstick sample was not as old as some of the others, I was set to toss it in the trash.  Fuchsia? I never thought it would be a color I could wear.  As I was cleaning,  I looked in the mirror and caught my face in its reflection. My face looked gray, matching the day outside.  It seemed I had not slept in weeks.  On a whim, I decided to put the fuchsia lip color on before I tossed it.  I kept cleaning and organizing.  Later, I happened to catch another glimpse of myself in the mirror and it seemed the color came back into my face.  The only make-up I had on was the fuchsia lip color.  I went through the house checking my reflection in the other mirrors thinking it was a trick that one mirror was playing on me.  It wasn’t.  In fact, when the sun finally came out, the color looked even better on me.  When my husband came home and mentioned that I looked like I was feeling better, I went to the trash and dug out that sample of fuchsia lipstick.  Then, I went to Sephora and bought the large tube.  I discovered, with the help of the Sephora make-up-artist-in -residence, that this particular color has more of a red base than blue.  YSL had a red leaning fuchsia color (warm) and a blue leaning fuchsia color (cool) in its collection.  Apparently, I must have been trying on cool, blue-leaning fuchsia colors all my life, which was not flattering. 



After my great success with my lip color, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I had something fuchsia in my wardrobe.”  It must have been serendipity at play on this particular day, as I did a search on eBay… fuchsia + women’s clothing”.  After taking some time scrolling through the fuchsia listings, page after page, THIS Issey Miyake Pleats Please bolero appeared.  It was in my size and SORT-OF in my price range.  I put a large picture (as seen above) of my lip color next to it and the color appeared to match.  It was my style..that I knew…I am a great fan of Issey Miyake designs.  This piece was NWT and had recently sold out on all the great online shopping sites at a Final Discount price.  The price the ebay seller was asking for the bolero was 20.00 over the Final Markdowns, but I was late to the party and the piece had sold out at all the shopping sites.  The seller offered free shipping and there was not a sales tax, so this was a good deal.  I did not mind paying this astute seller his profit. 

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This is the first styling I did with my Issey Miyake fuchsia bolero.  This piece is such a little beauty…it was love at first sight.  The skirt is from Et-al  Australia and is one of the several versions of the TUCK Skirt.  The price is in aud, but the usd conversion is less.   I love the Australian designers!  There is a slightly Asian/Edgy fusion to their designs and it is a breath of fresh air!  Et-al  offers free international shipping..which is a great deal. Their prices are reasonable and the exchange rate is favorable (usd to aud) right now.

The dressmaker details in this skirt attracted me.  The skirt was designed with little gatherings of “turbulence” that create a visual interest.  The fabric is perfect for a slim fit.  If a fabric is too thin…it will show every bump and line.  The Issey Miyake bolero matched the design of the skirt and all I needed were accessories.


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The second styling I did was with an African print skirt that I had found on Etsy.  It was very inexpensive and part of the sale went towards books/supplies for schools in Africa.  I paired my Issey Miyake bolero with it as it picked up the fuchsia color in the skirt pattern.  The Peridot color in the skirt is the perfect complement to the fuchsia in the jacket.    I happened to have a large, light wrap shawl in the Peridot color and I used it to structure the skirt and narrow it at the hip.  This caused the bottom of the skirt to have a “mermaid” shape which is more flattering to my height…controlled volume! 

The earrings I am wearing with the bolero were crafted in South Korea of fuchsia paper. They are circular and have a black branch design that reminded me of  Japanese flower arranging called Ikebana.  I found them on Etsy and they were less than 20.00 usd.  The wavy bangles are designed by Angela Caputi.  I found them on the consignment site, The Vestaire Collective, based in Paris.  I love the whimsical Angela Caputi designs!  Bakelite bangles and a Desigual bangle I found on sale are on the other wrist.  The shoes were from anthropologie.  I have had them for almost a decade.

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The third styling I did with the Issey Miyake bolero was done over a tomato/coral column.  The color of the two pieces that create the foundation is not exactly tomato and not exactly coral.  Rather, the color is somewhere between the two.  I purchased a light, linen ombre scarf dipped in fuchsia that gradually bleeds into a pink and then into a tomato color.  This scarf has a difficult time staying still and wants to fill itself up with air and dance.  I had to tie it into place as a sash before it slipped away! I found this playful scarf at Zara…on sale for….12.99! The sandals are in a tomato-red color.  My husband purchased them for me at Carson’s the day before we left for our European cruise in April.  They added a punch of color to my mostly black and white travel capsule.

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The final styling has transitioned the colors from the fuchsia to the tomato/coral color.  There is a trace of fuchsia still lingering in the scarf.  This is a simple column elevated by a linen scarf that has called it out to play.  I had so much fun dancing with this scarf.  The air seemed to tickle it and I could almost imagine the scarf laughing in response.  I decided to let the scarf shape-shift as it pleased and settle where it liked.  It was a fun taking photos as the scarf brought out my playful side.  I vamped up the look and just let go…and the ticket for the ride was only 12.99 at Zara.  Someone put magic dust into this piece when it was made!

The chain belt was found on eBay around 2008. It was a runway piece from the 1970’s-1980’s.  It was part of an auction from an Estate Sale in Texas.  I remember watching the last seconds count down on the bid.  I was sitting with my late…and very best friend…at her little round kitchen table.  My laptop seemed very large on her table as it took up most of the space on it.   As the auction came to the end and the last second ticked off the clock, the table came alive with a cacophony of triumphant rattling.  Sometimes, possessions are so much more than things we own.


Thank you for stopping by and reading my post, today.  I truly appreciate it!


8 thoughts on “My Friend Fuchsia

  1. I ADORE THE YSL MAKE UP LINE.I was almost 18 on the FRENCH RIVERIA in NICE when I made my first purchase in a drugstore there.THE PACKAGING SOLD IT TO ME!I have worn their lipsticks in recent years and find it to be very good……..the texture the smell and this COLOR IS A GOOD ONE FOR ME!FRiday I will be at a spot where I can CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!


  2. Hello! I recently read the post about you over at The Vintage Contessa’s blog, and I am now enjoying your blog as well! I love your use of color, and how bold you are with your style. As a reader to who is five foot two, it is exciting to see what one can do with a short body frame, and that gives me style inspiration, so thank you!


    1. Thank you so much! I love Elizabeth’s blog, The Vintage Contessa! She is so stylish and smart….I love her sense of humor and writing style! It was such an honor that she wanted to feature me on her blog. I am delighted you found something interesting and useful in the post. Thank you for stopping by and commenting…I really appreciate it!


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